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Cases in coronavirus pandemic surge in US

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The number of cases in the U.S. soared to more than 24,000 while New York now has more than 11,000 cases.
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ABC News photo 1 Cases in coronavirus pandemic surge... ABC News photo 2 Cases in coronavirus pandemic surge... ABC News photo 3 Cases in coronavirus pandemic surge... ABC News photo 4 Cases in coronavirus pandemic surge...

I donโ€™t fear the virus, I fear people in their most desperate time.

by skte2die 1 week ago

It's ridiculous that we had months to prepare, yet we did nothing.

by May Fort 1 week ago

Don't forget they are reserving tests for politicians and celebrities also.

by computersales 1 week ago

Plot twist: Everyone's actually infected cause they went into a panic buying frenzy.

by Tiaan Oosthuizen 1 week ago

โ€œStay tuned, the day of reckoning will come.โ€

-Papa Johns

by seal 1 week ago

they should have banned flights long ago when pilots were protesting

by chandresh sachdev 1 week ago

While they are at it, can they develop a vaccine for toiletpaperhoardiritis.

by SnoopyDoo 1 week ago

Breaking News : Mexican officials just contacted Trump and told him to hurry up with the wall!

by Saudi Arschloch 1 week ago

The virus is scary enough but I'm alot more worried what's going to happen if people run out of money and food..

by Brandon Rogers 1 week ago

Dont let this distract you from the fact that we were supposed to vote for a new president this year... ohh wait

by Leonardo Garcia 1 week ago

Feels like I'm watching a movie. This is unreal

by Kevin Toth 1 week ago

Where is God who bless "America"?
Fortunately, this country is losing the control of everything. It won't be the superpower in a couple of years.

by Jose al 2 days ago

Oh I see now USA always want to be number 1 on everything and now they want to be number 1 for being the most cases for covid19 ,

by Toto Relor 1 week ago

No one ever said the young are immune. They just said the young are resistant to death by Coronavirus! Obviously you can still get infected!

by TrainerAQ 1 week ago

Just warms my heart to see celebrities telling us to be calm from their mortgage free mansions.

by Joshua Carrasco 1 week ago

People in China with out a mask (gets yelled at)

People in USA with a mask (gets yelled at)

by Daniel playz 1 week ago

Stay home , stay safe,I'm in Beijing, we had stayed home in pass two months until 16th March, do not try your immunity

by yinjia zhao 1 week ago

just go at and use what they offer lol. best masks so far

by Novak Savic 1 week ago

Meanwhile : Joe Biden goes missing for 5 days
Edit : Thanks for all te likes, I was having a pretty rough day but this just made my day seeing 50 on the blue thumbs up

by Lux 1 week ago

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