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The country's war over the virus | WNT

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With more than 46,000 cases across the country, New York has the highest and fastest rate of infection, but New Orleans is quickly becoming the next hot spot.
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ABC News photo 1 The country's war over the... ABC News photo 2 The country's war over the... ABC News photo 3 The country's war over the... ABC News photo 4 The country's war over the...

Do NOT listen to politicians,listen to doctors or you will regret it.

by Average Joe 1 week ago

“Stay home to prevent spreading”

People: goes to beach

by Gnarly Chuck 1 week ago

They rather let us all die then loose their millions. That’s our federal government and it’s terrifying

by cloudburstlia456 1 week ago

The U.S. now has more confirmed cases than any other nation.

by Gabriel Nispel 1 week ago

Shut down every state!!! People are stupid for going to the beach and just out and about period. Stay home man!!!

by James B 1 week ago

“There is no dollar figure on human life and there never should be” lol have you seen our private healthcare system, they are pretty good at assigning a dollar value to life.

by Colin Campbell 1 week ago

“They don’t care about us” Michael Jackson said it First

by Lucien Dalmari 1 week ago

Why are the subways still going 🤦🏽, they’re the perfect spot to spread disease

by Lord Pops 1 week ago

To bad everyones jobs are considered essential and still have to go to work

by Maxwell N 1 week ago

Although Trump said that more people die from the flu every year, we need to understand that the Coronavirus is more contagious than the flu. So sooner or later there would be more people dying from the Coronavirus. 🤦‍♂️

by R2T1 Films 1 week ago

Why are we paying so much for insurance when they can’t even supply medical care for the country? Insurance has just seriously devalued itself.

by Randolf Rivera 1 week ago

I’m in NYC and I gotta say I’m really impressed with the governor’s work so far

by MarkHere 1 week ago

Why isn’t Florida on that map in red? That state is dumb as dirt

by Chris Facts 1 week ago

I’ll just stay home and smoke my weed it’s the only thing that’s keeping me busy

by Kyle Buehlman420 1 week ago

Coughing a year ago: 😒
Coughing now:😱

by Chicken Squad 1 week ago

"A crowded subway car" in NY? You don't say

by Blaiyan 1 week ago

Why is she smiling tho when her husband in the hospital? Like forreal

by toocold 123 1 week ago

He said “I brought some numbers here” but didn’t give any numbers

by Arsenalgameing 1 week ago

The US needs to be shutdown until it's all over not until Easter

by Layla Turner 1 week ago

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