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Competitive Animal Crossing

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Day 12 of quarantine: developed an esports scene for Animal Crossing.
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➤ Music Used, ACNH Theme (FamilyJules Cover): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wm2a...
Byakuya Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkHrY...
Swear to my Bones from Persona 5 (Outro): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYQvx...

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Alpharad photo 1 Competitive Animal Crossing Alpharad photo 2 Competitive Animal Crossing Alpharad photo 3 Competitive Animal Crossing Alpharad photo 4 Competitive Animal Crossing

nintendo: creates any game
alpharad: let’s play it competitively

by INFINITE BOREDOM 2 days ago

Top 10 hypest esport sets of all time:

1: Sinistral vs. Amble

by Koopstrooper 2 days ago

Nintendo: This is a nice, relaxing, family-friendly game

Alpharad: How about BUG NET DEATH MATCHES

by Samuel Ferguson 2 days ago

‪game: exist‬
‪alpha: this, but c o m p e t i t i v e l y

by AJ 2 days ago

Nintendo: here’s a nice peaceful game in this trying time.

Alpharad: aggressive villager noises

by Ophi 2 2 days ago

Big sports events: Cancelled

Alpharad: fine I'll do one myself

by YukiHime 98 2 days ago


Alpharad: Forces 2 innocent villagers to fight to the death

by Jude Dickinson 2 days ago

Anyone: has a net
Amble: "Oh? So you're approaching me?"

by Matrix Black 1 day ago

Amble's out here taking events with the "Nothin personell kid"

by AzuStarly 2 days ago

Smash bro’s (a competitive game): exists
Alpharad: Plays casual

Animal Crossing (a casual game): Exists
Alpharad: plays Competitive

by Ryuukai Dishwasher 2 days ago

just imagine a esport event for animal crossing

by kid kashi234 2 days ago

as someone who's name is Trenton, I'm disappointed in the one shown here today. The league is requiring more information on him as we need to revoke his license and demote him to simply "Trent".

No good Trenton would get 3-0'd on their first game.

by Duwareon 2 days ago

"Because I just see that hole and I'm like: Damn! What an HD hole that is!"
-Alpharad 2020

by Dewey Drop 2 days ago

Animal crossing purists: You’re not supposed to do that that’s not how you play the game.

Alpharad: Net swing go whoosh!

by Kevon SP 2 days ago

When you realize alpharad’s arena is a creeper.

That’s the way home;, baby!

by Skyler Bastion 2 days ago

The Amble Sinistral match was incredible, the way they danced around eachother and adapted to each others play style was incredible.

by Baylee Roberson 2 days ago

With all the “HD hole” jokes alpha pulled out, I’m surprised he didn’t call the fossil at an “HD bone”

by Zachary Goldberg 2 days ago

Nintendo: This is a wholesome, family game!!
Alpharad: NO.

by B’s Cards 1 day ago

Was honestly expecting to see a Lloid Rocket for a second there.
This game is so competitive it's indistinguishable from Smash.

by Donut Boy 2 days ago

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