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N.Y Death Toll Reaches 385; Some Patients on Ventilators up to 30 Days

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Mar.26 -- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state suffered 100 more fatalities as hospitals brace for a continued increase in the number of coronavirus cases. Cuomo spoke at a press conference on Thursday.

Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 1 N.Y Death Toll Reaches 385;... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 2 N.Y Death Toll Reaches 385;... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 3 N.Y Death Toll Reaches 385;... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 4 N.Y Death Toll Reaches 385;...

"The number of deaths is increasing, this is bad news because people are dying."

by Joseph Chapman 1 week ago

And this is only a surprise to people who have been in denial.

by J Mercure 1 week ago

My heartfelt condolences to all the families
touched by this pandemic all over the world.
I pray that the peace that passes all
understanding will abide in your hearts and minds.

by Gina Evans 1 week ago

Everyone in hospitals right now is dying without their loved ones by their side whether they have corona or not.

by Joe 1 week ago

and new yorkers are leaving and spreading this all over the country..

by ross beck 1 week ago

What scares me the most is what was discovered in China. The dead body's if not cremated are still contagious for 17 days.

by Cheryl Hannon 1 week ago

We knew all this in January from leaks in china. You know when the media was saying the flu was worse...

by Hans 1 week ago

It's only getting worse for the next two months. We should try to help each other and find some inner strength right now.

by Free Free 1 week ago

Wow the US is just picking up, next week and the week after are going to be hell. Italy is hitting 10k and then 15k and Spain right after. And it'll pick up in other countries too. I feel bad for all the people dying and suffering.

by Gurin Akuma 1 week ago

The new state farm logo is like a good neighbor stay over there.

by john folsom 1 week ago

This new virus is scary, it attacks the body for so long, this is unlike anything we were prepared for

by Liquid Snake 1 week ago

Oh gee I thought the number of deaths would decrease.

by Joseph Pastore 1 week ago

I am not surprised bc they are packed like sardines up there

by Judy Thornton 1 week ago

So, other words, infections could be decreasing while deaths increase for awhile.

by Timothy Roper 1 week ago

Sir, thank you for being honest, thank you for caring. I wish you and my fellow Americans resilience, faith, and recovery. 🌹

by Billy Lopez 1 week ago

So the plan of "Send us your ventilators and we will give them back" is total BS.

by Cynthia Baker 1 week ago

My prayer 🙏 goes to all the families and those who couldn’t make it

by JB BARBOSA 1 week ago

"Just a flu"

by Micah 1 week ago

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