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Brooks AFB, TX Centrifuge,1997 12-G Protocol

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These are cockpit videos from the Brooks AFB, TX Centrifuge. I participated in a year long 12-G Force protocol where we tested the many configurations of g-suit (ATAGS, Combat Edge, etc.) at sustained high G forces. In this video you'll see an 11 G, 12 G and 12 G Loss of Consciousness. I had over 50 12 G rides and only 1 GLOC.

Boyd Haugen photo 1 Brooks AFB, TX Centrifuge,1997 12-G... Boyd Haugen photo 2 Brooks AFB, TX Centrifuge,1997 12-G... Boyd Haugen photo 3 Brooks AFB, TX Centrifuge,1997 12-G... Boyd Haugen photo 4 Brooks AFB, TX Centrifuge,1997 12-G...

His eyes were like o_O!

by Adam 4 years ago

He doesn't need the anti-g suit the anti-g suit needs him.

by 501stadvisor 5 years ago

I calculated that from to with 12 G is like accelerating from 0 to 7204 km/h. Under 17 seconds!!!

by Máté Ágoston 4 years ago

So who else was unconsciously flexing with the pilot?

by Rage Dashboard 6 years ago

so many G's he got Forrest Whitaker eye

by rocsteady83 3 years ago

Very impressive man. That must be an incredibly tough thing to do.

by Duran 4 years ago

holy crap his eyes are getting sucked into his skull.  That dude is awesome.

by HadesOmega 5 years ago

so now i know why i the pilot in bf3-bf4 breath heavily when i make tight turns, make sense

by Swe clasher 4 years ago

That's why a combat situation when it's related to dogfight is a very hostile environment. You do a high G turn to avoid a missile or bullets and by the time your body is asking for rest the situation  requires another hard turn and so on.. It's less than being able to sustain a hard G turn, and much more of being able to sustain them over and over and still being capable of thinking about dodge maneuvers, best turn to get to enemy's six, best guns to use at the moment, taking attention to information from HUD, controling HOTAS and a bunch of things a fighter pilot must do. These guys are really badasses.

by Alexandre Bueno 4 years ago

O man..this is crazy...u said u had over 50 time 12 G...this is insane...u must be a super human

by AhtishaM 4 years ago

Technically at the point of the 12g mark he weighed almost 2000 pounds, damn.

by Faur 4 years ago

He will die with open left eye

by Obaid Ayed 3 years ago

Forgot drugs and alcohol, this is what people should use to get their mind off their problems!!!

by The Brain 3 years ago

Here in Ireland we have 4G at the moment, to enjoy YouTube and Google

by rocket queen 5 months ago

I pulled 15-G here in 1968.....and have an "Order of the Elephant" certificate in my office.

by James Geer 5 months ago

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