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Eel with DOUBLE JAWS has one Nasty Bite!

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On this episode, Mark and the crew are back in Queensland, Australia for another epic Tide Pool adventure! As Mark explores, he comes across a Snowflake Eel - and this eel has double jaws.. and one nasty bite! What other creatures do you think they will come across along the Australian coast? Watch now to find out!.
Get ready to meet some super cool Tide Pool creatures!
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Brave Wilderness photo 1 Eel with DOUBLE JAWS has... Brave Wilderness photo 2 Eel with DOUBLE JAWS has... Brave Wilderness photo 3 Eel with DOUBLE JAWS has... Brave Wilderness photo 4 Eel with DOUBLE JAWS has...

SO many questions on this one, been answering as many as I can, should I go live today and do a Q&A? -Mark

by Brave Wilderness 1 day ago

Hey everyone, Mark here...I'm running through the comments this morning answering questions. Ask away!

by Brave Wilderness 1 day ago

That eel looks, kinda adorable to be honest, it’s like a toothy aggressive sock puppet

by Space Raptors Infinite 1 day ago

"Yo Coyote, I got a job for you."
"I told you I'm retired."
"This one's an eel."

by TheRagman 1 day ago

"Cone snails are very venomous, let me put on this glove"
uses bare hand to pick it up

by Enormhi 1 day ago

“We wanna move extremely slow”
speed walking

by Angel Ramos 1 day ago

“My name is snowflake eel

And I’m ready to KEEL”

by Sahir Anis 22 hours ago

Mark: This is a snowflake eel

by Tonatiuh Nino 22 hours ago

Humans when they see their reflection: "wow.. I'm ugly"


by Stef 228 1 day ago

I love how everything is distributed in this channel, we get the coyote episodes of course, but along the side, we get to hang out with mark and Mario and the guys to look at amazing marine life frequently.

by Kirk WAHmett 89 1 day ago

When their jaws open wide and there’s more jaws inside, THAT’S A MORAY!

by Teddy B 23 hours ago

"I'm Coyote Peterson And Because Of Quarantine I Cant Do Videos!!!!"

by The Random Squad 1 day ago

Dude sounded like he was looking for animals while listening to the Halo Reach soundtrack

by Ed Musto 1 day ago

This guy is Steve Irwin’s spiritual successor

by St. wvllxw 1 day ago

It looks like it has Macaroni noodles are sticking out of its face

by Emma7846 1 day ago

Say what you want about these strong animals, Mark is the true beast around here.

by Sir Poopsalot 1 day ago

I’m coyote peterson and it’s time to not be on this episode

by NEO_Flame 23 hours ago

Coyote: Gets rejected by girl.

Mark: Describe the pain

by sarah moody 1 day ago

Anyone else think the music sounds like its from Halo: Reach?

by Yames 22 hours ago

Now as an Aussie I’m never going into the ocean again

by Callum Robertson 1 day ago

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