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Brewstew - Midnight Mayhem

#sleep walking #night #funny story #brewstew #Comedy
Guess what time it is
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#stick figure #flash #animation #cartoon #midnight

brewstewfilms photo 1 Brewstew - Midnight Mayhem brewstewfilms photo 2 Brewstew - Midnight Mayhem brewstewfilms photo 3 Brewstew - Midnight Mayhem brewstewfilms photo 4 Brewstew - Midnight Mayhem

The real question is: why wouldnt his mom, oh idk, WARN OTHER PARENTS WHEN HE'S STAYING AT THEIR HOUSE?!?!?

by MLT 17 hours ago

David’s brain probably had a dream about him storming the beaches of Normandy

by 14potatoesinabag 17 hours ago

Basically all the comments are about him saying “alright”

by Jackson Gasz 16 hours ago

Just googled it. Says it’s “sleep terrors”. But obviously we all know he was/is possessed by a redhorned devil.

by Sixth Sense 6 hours ago

Ah, nothing like a good “alright” to help my day out.

by Noah Klucharich 22 hours ago

As soon as I hear “Alright,” immediately the like button turns blue.

by Dean Shonkwiler 4 hours ago

I still have this I’ve ran out my house at like 3 naked not just once but twice Second time I got locked out ahahaha

by Smitsa 21 hours ago

Between David and Michel this kids childhood was a bloody nightmare

by Cole Renfro 22 hours ago

When you accidentally pressed the dislike button: AHHHHHHHHHH

by Jb lazer 20 hours ago

“Flashbacks of Charlie in the tree”


by Koby Rennie 21 hours ago

“Hey you wanna play Sega genisis?”

by Kris Gurung 21 hours ago

Of all of the times brewstew talked about Micheals stepdad, he never really talked about Micheals mom.

by Remmi MacDonald 20 hours ago

“Midnight mayhem”



by Puggo Pasta 19 hours ago

David was having nightmares of Uncle Rick's platoon getting ambushed in 'Nam...

by thegreatcalvinio 21 hours ago

David: ”Frantic screaming”
Steven’s mom: ”peace was never an option”

by Matt Flaherty 21 hours ago

My brother did the same thing he’d also cry too he had sleep apnea I believe. He wasn’t getting enough oxygen to his brain and it’ll make him wake up like that.

by ChildOfYHWHシ 17 hours ago

“You remember when you were a kid and you’d be sleeping” -BrewSteew2020

by Webbyt 24 17 hours ago

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