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Brewstew - Rat Hunting

#roommates #mouse #funny story #rats #Comedy
It's amazing how you live when you're 20 years old
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#rodents #flash #hunting #mice #story #bb gun #rat cartoon #flash animation #cartoon #rat #animation #funny #brewstew

brewstewfilms photo 1 Brewstew - Rat Hunting brewstewfilms photo 2 Brewstew - Rat Hunting brewstewfilms photo 3 Brewstew - Rat Hunting brewstewfilms photo 4 Brewstew - Rat Hunting

I'm Loving the assassination jokes

by Manager Joe 1 year ago

Moral of the story:
Give the rats your Netflix password

by LameBerri 1 year ago

Rat poison: letโ€™s kill some rats
Big rat: why do I hear boss music

by iPhone 11 6 months ago

Should've used your Kennedy Killer from your Airsoft video

by LunchTrey Games 10 months ago

"Uh, Mr. Bubbles?"

"Do you mind if we watch Netflix in here?"

by Leo Luster 1 year ago

You are lucky you only have rats people like me, not so lucky...


by I love dogs 7 months ago

Fun fact: in the trenches in ww1 there was rats the size of cats in them.

by Kyan Wallace 3 weeks ago

i died of laughter and almost piddeled myself

by M87DD9 11 months ago

What about Splinter? Heโ€™s a nice rat, I like him.

by Ryan Hutchinson 11 months ago

The rat looks like a house hippo if you are Canadian you will know what im talking about

by MEXICAN DOGGOS 1 year ago

Heโ€™s definitely not a trained marksman like Oswald

by Foop The Hoop 4 months ago

There's a pistol caliber designed for rat hunting, its called ratshot.

by Snoop Doge 2 weeks ago

Neo from the matrix ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm weak

by victor medellin 11 months ago

I was also infested by rats........ONCE!

I left no survivors

by Kevin Is Trash 1 year ago

When my house was infested with rats I went In the backyard with a pellet gun and shot when I saw one It ran In the Bush so brought my cat out to drag it out turns out I had hit it in ankle, then I put 2 in its head

by Weeb Beater 7 months ago

I love how he designed the rats:
Fatass turd body
Squiggly fat tail
Popcorn feet
Dick tip nose
Stickman face

by bob E 1 week ago

โ€œItโ€™s time to pull a Lee Harvey Oswald.โ€

Iโ€™m going to start saying that every time I go hunting with my dad and shoot a deer.

by Jacob Martin 1 year ago

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