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Mardi Gras believed to have fueled Louisiana coronavirus outbreak

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Louisiana has seen coronavirus cases skyrocket, particularly in New Orleans, the city at the center of the state's outbreak. Officials estimate the city could run out of ventilators by the first week of April. Doctors and elected officials believe that New Orleans' annual Mardi Gras celebrations helped accelerate the virus' spread. Omar Villafranca speaks to a woman who believes her husband was infected during the event.

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The mayor should be arrested and charged for negligence.

by Socal Dave 1 week ago

They should have shut down Mardi Gras before this ever happened.

by Angel Reed 1 week ago

Same thing will happen when the Spring breakers return home.

by Seymore Smithh 1 week ago

and now yet another group of medical workers have to put their lives at risk taking care of these selfish aholes

by shadow silverlight 1 week ago

How about we sterilize everyone who went to Mardis Gras so they can't produce even more stupid people?

by blankblank 1 week ago

Why would someone who is under cancer treatment goes out in a crowd? When a person goes under chemotherapy treatment, they are susceptible to getting sick.

by Diane Nguyen 1 week ago

Breaking news: Water might be wet. More at 9.

by Seraph Creed 1 week ago

And what's messed up the people that went to mardi gra went home to they're city and took there virus with them.

by Butch Cassidy 1 week ago

And if those morons had stayed home they wouldn’t be taxing the system and using up a ventilator.

To be clear- the blame doesn’t entirely rest on them. The mayor/governor/city hall/legislative should have canceled or at least postponed it until things slowed down. But that sweet, sweet money was too delicious to the retailers and bars and that tax revenue was finger-licking good for the government.

It’s like JAWS all over again...except this time the killer is a few microns long.

by Kyle Shepherd 1 week ago

No kiddin?

Gee, who’d a thought?

by Red Neck 1 week ago

Why is common sense eluding us🤦🏽‍♀️

by Cloudie 831 1 week ago

I shook my head when I saw them celebrate a couple weeks ago on tv. Now they got sick? You don't say!

by noname22541 1 week ago

I shook my head when Los Angeles went ahead with the L.A. Marathon.

by underthetornado 1 week ago

Thousands of people from all over packed in together mere inches apart? Ya don't say!

by Duke of Haphazard 1 week ago

the government officials should be held accountable for allowing the event to continue

by let rat 1 week ago

If we had started acting when South Korea did, we would have been in a better position.

by wizzy one 1 week ago

"who let the idiots out...who, who". said "who let the idiots out...who, who"

by shadow silverlight 1 week ago

Rest of the World: Self Quarantine
Louisianians: Yay! Mardi Gras

Also Louisianians: We're all sick, oh noess how could this of happened.

by Bob Johnson 1 week ago

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