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PINK FLOYD: Delicate Sound Of Thunder (expanded new edition)

#1988 #Nick Mason #Guy Pratt #Rachel Fury #Music
Performed by Pink Floyd.
Filmed and recorded live at the Nassau Coliseum, Long Island in August 1988 during the 'Momentary Lapse Of Reason' World Tour.
In December 2019 Pink Floyd released The Later Years box set. It features newly re-edited version of the 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder' video with newly remixed audio as one of the main features..
But unfortunately it wasn't expanded to the full set list concert. Several originally omitted tracks presented there on the bonus Blu-Ray/DVD disc. Also two instrumental compositions remained in shortened form. Unfortunately footage of another two tracks from set list weren't included at all for unknown reasons. I present the expanded edition of this beautiful concert video with all available footage in the right place. This edition expands official 2019 version by 17 minutes.
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond [00:00:00]
2. Signs of Life [00:12:16]
3. Learning to Fly [00:16:34]
4. Yet Another Movie [00:21:48]
5. Round And Around [00:28:08]
6. A New Machine (part 1) [00:28:42]
7. Terminal Frost [00:30:17]
8. A New Machine (part 2) [00:36:33]
9. Sorrow [00:37:11]
10. The Dogs Of War *
11. On The Turning Away [00:47:36]
12. One Of These Days [00:56:40]
13. Time [01:02:57]
14. On The Run [01:08:18]
15. The Great Gig In The Sky [01:11:49]
16. Wish You Were Here [01:16:34]
17. Us And Them [01:21:25]
18. Money [01:29:01]
19. Comfortably Numb *
20. One Slip [01:37:28]
21. Run Like Hell [01:43:34]
22. Terminal Frost (credits) [01:52:42]
Expanded by CMI in January 2020.
Total running time: 2 hours 12 minutes 20 seconds
* Unfortunately 'The Dogs Of War' and 'Comfortably Numb' were excluded by YouTube policy.
Details, The source for this project is Blu-Ray 1080p with 24/96 audio.
1. 'Signs Of Life' expanded to its original length using footage from Screen Film.
2. 'Yet Another Movie' / 'Round And Around' / 'A New Machine' (part 1) / Terminal Frost / A New Machine (part 2) segment placed in the original order of the set.
3. Small re-edit in 'The Dogs Of War' before 1st verse using footage from Screen Film.
4. 'On The Run' expanded to its original length using footage from Screen Film.
5. Syncronisation is corrected for 3 final drum hits in 'Money'.
Official PF website, https://thelateryears.pinkfloyd.com/

#Pink Floyd #David Gilmour #Richard Wright #Delicate Sound Of Thunder

CMI MUSIC photo 1 PINK FLOYD: Delicate Sound Of... CMI MUSIC photo 2 PINK FLOYD: Delicate Sound Of... CMI MUSIC photo 3 PINK FLOYD: Delicate Sound Of... CMI MUSIC photo 4 PINK FLOYD: Delicate Sound Of...

The only thing "presentable" to ALIENS out there on the Voyager 3 probe is DG's solo guitar...and PF Songs. Rest all, I am not proud of.

by Shawn T 1 week ago

David Gilmours guitar tone is he most beautiful thing on earth.

by Jakob Strand 3 days ago

Floyd's melody and lyrics will remain with forever generation to come for all ages

by Moti Yehieli 2 days ago

PINK FLOYD, The “GREATEST BAND” I’ve ever heard in this lifetime!

by Philip Seifer 3 days ago

Where is 'Dogs Of War?!' Where's 'Comfortably Numb?' If they release the full version of this on Blu-Ray, I'll forgive them.

by Matthew Black 1 week ago

My boys.. still my all time favorites since 1974..

by James Shreffler 2 weeks ago

As a piece of music, On The Turning Away would fit in well on The Final Cut- although the lyrics would not fit. It interesting to recognise the thread that runs through this bands history.

by Ангел Облаков 1 week ago

Shine On You Crazy Diamond is like the best song ever recorded in the last 100 years

by Rita Wanjiku 1 day ago

The Great Band in the Universe and the Greatest Show!

by Artiom Romashov 2 weeks ago

Pink Floyd has always been such a super group, all of these songs bring back so many memories. They never get old, so meaningful and with purpose.

by David Wright 2 weeks ago

best version of "Learning to Fly" - love the percussion at the end

by Grandma Smith1949 1 week ago

Obrigado pelo up... eterno pink floyd!
Parece besteira, mas sinto uma enorme tristeza e as vezes até me vem o choro ao ver esses shows, acho que pelo fato de saber que nunca mais vão estar juntos novamente!!

by matheus_canabrava 3 weeks ago

The ladies just didn't bring that seductiveness that belongs there. Certainly they did a professional job to it's utmost quality, but it felt more professional than them conveying true inspirational feelings.✌

by Chris Pattee 3 days ago

Best Floyd gig ever!!!!! I want to go back there....

by Łukasz 2 weeks ago

i am 65 and still enjoying  it ...beauty to my ears …

by Gervais Rioux 1 day ago

...it hits you from the very beginning: ''remember when you were young...'' THANK YOU for posting this, pure gold!

by Florio 2 days ago

Esse show é lindo.
Com as músicas do álbum "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" que é um excelente álbum.
Muito bom!

by Ubirajarasoares bira 2 weeks ago

Hah! At the guy turns around looking pissed--probably thinking "I paid good money to heard Pink Floyd perform, not you b**ch!"

by Will Long 6 days ago

Muito bom mas poderia ser melhor, pois faltam confortably Numb e The Dogs Of War.

by Gilberto Corredor 2 weeks ago

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