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Dr. Fauci: You don't make the timeline, the virus does

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Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci explains to CNN's Chris Cuomo the reality of crafting a timeline to reopen parts of the country amid the coronavirus pandemic. #CNN #News

CNN photo 1 Dr. Fauci: You don't make... CNN photo 2 Dr. Fauci: You don't make... CNN photo 3 Dr. Fauci: You don't make... CNN photo 4 Dr. Fauci: You don't make...

The numbers are totally inaccurate in U.S. People who have it in Ohio are told to stay home and quarantine unless it's an emergency. They are never even tested, *or reported.

by Jason Sapp 19 hours ago

I can’t believe Dr. Fauci is almost 80. He looks amazing.

by Hipster Heaven 16 hours ago

Nobody appreciated me being an introvert now I’m a hero to everyone 😂

by James 9 hours ago

America always loves to be number 1 in everything so here we go......

by TheUniversal8 19 hours ago

me: my timeline is-

by someone on youtube 10 hours ago

The only voice i believe in the midst of this craziness

by chachi said 23 hours ago

Ngl, Dr. Fauci’s voice is really relaxing, his voice could be in The Godfather lol . He seems to be one of the few that know what they’re doing

by Siena May 12 hours ago

I can sleep better when I hear Dr. Fauci explain everything.....

by Scotty Mathieson 13 hours ago

Mask. Wash. Test . Stay at home.
-From SouthKorean

by knob j 19 hours ago

Respect to the reporter for letting dr. Talk

by RS 850 13 hours ago

Make everyone stay home for two weeks!!!! Everyone.

by Starla KS 18 hours ago

Give Dr. Fauci a day off he looks exhausted!!!

by Jessica Olay 20 hours ago

Trump think Corona virus is a slave that obey everything he says just like American fools(Not everyone but mostly).

by Anonymous 13 hours ago

Fauci sounds like he's going to lose his voice shortly, indicative of how much he's putting into this fight.

by Illegally-Blind 9 hours ago

To beat the virus..

u gotta be the virus..

by Simply-G ASMR 20 hours ago

Left, Right, or Center I'm pretty sure we all are down with Dr. Fauci.

by Parker Allen-Cooper 23 hours ago

Politicians knew about it even since December but THEY WANTED TO CARE ABOUT MONEY INSTEAD OF HUMAN LIVES ..... Plain and simple

by American Enigma _ 16 hours ago

Actually, The Lord decides when this will end. We all just need to pray and ask for it to end, then have hope and faith in The Lords decision!

by Linda Reinen 1 hour ago

WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE HIM IN THIS P.O.S. CONGRESS that can actually do his job.

by Ernie Henshaw 13 hours ago

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