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Senate approves stimulus. Here's how much money you could get

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CNN's Brian Todd reports on how much money you could get from the $2 trillion stimulus package passed by the Senate that could provide a jolt to an economy reeling from the coronavirus pandemic.
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CNN photo 1 Senate approves stimulus. Here's how... CNN photo 2 Senate approves stimulus. Here's how... CNN photo 3 Senate approves stimulus. Here's how... CNN photo 4 Senate approves stimulus. Here's how...

$1200 1 time payment wont even cover a month rent in California

by Andrew Pham 6 days ago

So basically giving us back the money we pay in taxes every year. I feel bad for those not working, $1200 isn't going to do a damn thing.

by ItalianGal 5 days ago

Landlords: Remember rent is due on the 1st
Me: April Fools! 🤣

by Devon Wayne 5 days ago

the federal reserve is a private cartel, like fifa and el chapo, legally this is a literal FACT

by SmeagÖl g. 5 days ago

Why would couples making that much need an equal amount of someone making less then 100k?

by Sammy Qasem 5 days ago

“YOU GET NOTHING !!!! U LOSE!!! Good day SIRRRRR!!!!” -U.S Government

by Ronnie Warford 6 days ago

No wonder people are filing for unemployment. $600/week on top of what your state gives you? That's more than what most hourly workers get paid

by george hennon 5 days ago

Why aren't we freezing payments on all types of loans? Like El Salvador, Italy, and so many others. We need more tests kits, labs, and supplies for research to get this over as soon as possible.

by Claudia Morales 5 days ago

I hope I get my money before I die from the virus.

by Dan Reyes 5 days ago

When the Fed creates $2 trillion in paper, expect that the value of those notes will fall accordingly. Since 1913, the buying power of a U.S. dollar has fallen about 98%. Something for Nothing?

by northerniltree 5 days ago

May??? my rent is due in Beginning of April

by Diana Moore 6 days ago

Great - it'll help cover the cost of my funeral.

by Wallace 5 days ago

People are like "MAY?!?!?!" bro... Its march 26th LMAO

by Nathan Fay 5 days ago

Everyone needs to understand where the “stimulus money” will come from and where it will go.
Prior to the current crisis the US Federal government was spending $860 billion more per year than was being brought in from taxes. This is primarily due to the 2008 “Great Recession” and the 2017 tax cut. This budget deficit would have led to a $22 trillion national debt. This money is borrowed from everywhere in the world.
The $2 trillion will be borrowed and instantly increase the national debt by over 10% over a 10 year period (the time one would hope the debt would be retired) and will more than triple the annual budget deficit.
Where the borrowed money comes from may be “everywhere”, but the money to pay the national debt comes from only one place, Federal Taxes. The government of the United States is not a business and produces no product which can be sold at a profit. The whole thing is paid for with tax revenue.
So when the legislature takes out a $2 trillion loan please remember, the loan will be repaid by your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A multigenerational oppressive debt created so the ultra wealthy can not pay taxes AND profit from the interest earned on the loans to the government.
Can you say “Oligarchy”?

by Marc Mescher 5 days ago

Might as well live in my friends basement

by KC 5 days ago

Worse time for recent college grads who are seeking employment and not living with their parents.

by Typical SnowFlake 6 days ago

Liquor stores stock up, the hood is going to get wild when this free money gets passed out.

by ses S 1 day ago


by Sam MacDaddy 5 days ago

This should be adjusted bast on local cost of living. $1200 in rural Arkansas is like hitting the lottery, where I live it is groceries for 2.

by Odin 5 days ago

What do you mean "so called gig worker like uber driver and amazon flex." Those are real people working hard the same way as anybody on any other jobs. Who has bills and rent like everybody else, they deserve to get paid too.

by jay Brown 5 days ago

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