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addressing everything

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addressing everything

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YALL are REAACHING 14 years ago most of you were kids yourself why are y’all digging to cancel people I get what she did wasn’t ok but seriously

by C Cl 1 day ago

this is probably the best apology video i’ve ever watched. she didn’t blame anything on anyone but herself and admitted to doing wrong. and didn’t stutter ONCE

by mia schneider 2 days ago

she 100% addressed this situation respectfully and with maturity, she didn’t throw a whole pity party for her self. she couldn’t have made a better apology, people make mistakes i’m glad she’s matured since then.

by _xoNoa _xo 1 day ago

This was 14 YEARS ago. 14 YEARS. she’s grown, learned, and apologized so as a Latina I think she’s grown and she’s genuinely sorry

by Emily 1 day ago

unlike other youtubers she is clear and realizing she’s wrong rather than denying her actions. i love you colleen 💗

by jane p 4 days ago

There’s not a bad bone in her body. She is a woman who made a mistake a human who didn’t do everything quite right. She is a good person doing her best in life. No one has as much a reason to judge someone’s mistakes just because they are a YouTuber, many people make mistakes, way worse mistakes and don’t receive anywhere near as much criticism and negative attention. I will always stand by Colleen. I will always stand by GOOD people.

by Ali xo 1 day ago

the fact that colleen didn’t just make this about herself is so special. she has apologised & she meant it. she didn’t make a pity party. the fact that she owned up to it is kind and honest. now just move on, and leave Colleen be :) 💘

by adoreamelia 1 day ago

love how people pick and choose who they're going to "cancel". It's disgusting

by Jodi January 1 day ago

someone: makes a mistake
the tiktok community: CANCELLED.

by g l a m o u r 1 day ago

i’m proud of her for addressing this maturely.

by Elizabeth White 4 days ago

You know what. She apologised. So yeah let’s move on people

by zuygj bnsv 1 day ago

This “cancel culture” is going to end up being were celebrities, artist, influencer and etc. are not going to be able to interact with fans...

by Morris V 1 day ago

The internet is cancer. I’m logging off. Apologizing for a video you made over 14 years ago? Times have changed. Cancel culture is so disgusting.

by rachel l 1 day ago

I love how authentic this was. She didn’t cry or blame anyone else like other apologies. She owned up to it and I respect that more than anything. She’s my role model

by Genevieve Hart 1 day ago

Everyone needs to stop attacking people for their mistakes from years ago

by Gurleen Grewal 4 days ago

People can change... why can’t other people grasp that at all?

by Lauryn Winter 1 day ago

God, this cancel culture is everything what is wrong with internet. Then was then, now is now.

by gven 19 hours ago

There’s a saying that states: “People don’t see the many goods thing you do but rather they see the mistakes the you DID”.

by kyjobee 2 22 hours ago

i like that this isn't 39 minutes and dodging the word sorry and aplogies straight with the point with Colleen luv you girl

by p i c k l e 1 day ago

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