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24 Marble Race EP. 1: Lucky Race

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Welcome to the new series of marble race called "24 Marble Race". The first episode is Lucky Race, 24 marbles have to race thought 5 races and only 1 will be the winner. Can they beat the randomness and be the luckiest marble.
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Crazy Marble Race photo 1 24 Marble Race EP. 1:... Crazy Marble Race photo 2 24 Marble Race EP. 1:... Crazy Marble Race photo 3 24 Marble Race EP. 1:... Crazy Marble Race photo 4 24 Marble Race EP. 1:...

Warning: The comment section is filled with spoilers so I strongly suggest not to read the comments until after watching the video. Crazy Marble Race, please pin this so no one gets spoilers. Thanks ;)

by Danimation 8 months ago

i am getting emotionally attached to marbles and I donโ€™t wanna hurt their feelings so Iโ€™m rooting for all of them

by Gachafangirl Studios 4 months ago

i have never been this stressed over some damn marbles.

by Airashii ! 3 months ago

Me: voting for white

White: literally every round is last and giving me a heart attack

by Anime Godz 2 days ago

shoutout for ice for being last in just about evrrything

by Thomas Brannon 2 months ago

Me: supporting every blue shade of marble because I not want choose one

by Edward Hallett 1 month ago

How does he make this is there a website for this cuz this is freaking satisfying and intense lmao.

My marble won holy sh*t lmao

by Brick-O-Nerd : 1 month ago

I was rooting for ice the whole time, i do not recommend it. incredibly stressful and not worth it at all

by Bland 2 months ago

Iโ€™ve been binge watching this during quarantine

by Samantha Hanna 1 month ago


by Kai Posthuma 5 months ago

Me like magenta
Edit: anything along those lines
Like purple (this is before the video I just saw a spoiler in the comments)

by Spinel XG 1 day ago

look at maroon us reaction = OOOHOHHHAHAHRJDJGJENV

by Emre KIRCA 1 month ago

Friend: Why are you so stressed all the time?
Me: Itโ€™s complicated

by James Cline 1 month ago

I was rooting for Ice. Somehow I started feeling attached to him. I just hope Ice wins.

by hand sanitizer 3 months ago

Idec that ice lost, I watched that color the entire game and it managed to in every time except In the final race, it was an underdog, but it still pushed through.

by enigma nicotine 3 months ago

My heart broke when I saw cyan lose. :( ๐Ÿ˜”

by Micah Gumersell 1 month ago

Me: there is no way someone will make it on their first try
Maroon Marble: hold my capri-sun

by Thebradster 364 1 month ago

Bruh the 2 colors I was going for got eliminated in the first round lol

by Zrote le Proto 4 months ago

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