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Crucifix, Boondox, Bukshot - "Don't Stop" Live, Newport KY

#Live #Journey #Crucifix #Classic Rock #Music
Crucifix, Boondox and Bukshot perform their remake of Journey's classic "Don't Stop Believing" on the Wormwood Tour at the Thompson House, Newport Kentucky.
Video by Sarah Gastineau.

#Psychopathic #Juggalos #Don't Stop Believing #Hatchet Man #Bukshot #The Gathering #Boondox #Juggalo #Don't Stop #Wormwood Tour

CRUCIFIX photo 1 Crucifix, Boondox, Bukshot - CRUCIFIX photo 2 Crucifix, Boondox, Bukshot - CRUCIFIX photo 3 Crucifix, Boondox, Bukshot - CRUCIFIX photo 4 Crucifix, Boondox, Bukshot -

Hold on---I do it every moment because of you artists. Music is love.

by Candace Sturtevant 11 months ago

mad RESPECT To These Guys!! Dope Ass Song!! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

by Tabitha Cehrs 8 months ago

mind blowing video love to see this live at got j ย all u guys did this aswome mcl to u guys

by Chrissy N 5 years ago

I was there when this was shot! It was amazing!! :D

by Alisa Ament 5 years ago

I love the song and this live version best one ive heard!!!! the official video is good but I love this live vid <3

by tim skees 2 years ago

Hey there,,,when ya coming back to Manchester Music Hall in Lexington,Ky.?? Awesome night!!! Wish you would come back and have the night on stage to yourself 3 or 4 hours!!!! We miss ya here!!

by Kris Denny 2 years ago

wow, im going back to listening to garcia bros. i just dont like boondox. from his gimpy had to his wigger bounce that he cant stop doing. idk how people can like him and show amb so much hate. amb would out rap him in a second. idk he made a few ok tracks i guess but not my flavor of kool-aid

by southweststrangla420 5 years ago

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