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Bartenders Match the Drink to the Person | Lineup | Cut

#cocktails #HiHo Kids #challenges #couples #Entertainment
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About Lineup, A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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Bartenders Match the Drink to the Person | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge

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Cut photo 1 Bartenders Match the Drink to... Cut photo 2 Bartenders Match the Drink to... Cut photo 3 Bartenders Match the Drink to... Cut photo 4 Bartenders Match the Drink to...

Hey friends! Life isn’t normal for anybody right now, but we’re doing our best to upload regular content for our community of fans and friends. That means we’ll be editing as much as we can from the videos we shot before we went on quarantine--and pushing ourselves to make some fun new things to keep you company, wherever you are. We love you guys!

by Cut 11 hours ago

"it's a breakfast drink that screams "i'm an alcoholic" but it's fine" you're not wrong

by Lix Hewett Creative 14 hours ago

Curtis Has Failed Enough Times To Know That He Will "Not Do Well In This Activity".

by Mateo Banda 14 hours ago

“Who here looks feminine and gay?” *raises hand*.

by Jason King 13 hours ago

I judged the lady who said if a man drank the whisky cocktail she’d judge him. Its 2020 man who cares about these things

by Sonia Titus 14 hours ago

Match google Searchings to Person would be so fun 😂

by LaVie 14 hours ago

Camera guy: "Do you think you'll do well?"
Curtis: "No"

Good answer, Curtis.

by a typical karen 11 hours ago

Can we talk about Lara's knowledge and the fact that Sharnee actually got almost everyone right?

by Aine Raine 13 hours ago

i was looking at the software engineer guy the whole time lmaoooo he was judging everyone

by yeye 14 hours ago

"Who here looks feminine and gay?"

Curtis about to make his shot

by Kartoffelriegel 14 hours ago

"I look like i have friends?!" same girl same

by Alyssa H. 13 hours ago

Damn 14 shots. I would literally die.

by Hailey Lyons 14 hours ago

Me: Do you have Bloody Mary?

Bartender: I hate my life.

by souf 14 hours ago

the whole feminine vs masculine drinks thing is so boring, they’re DRINKS jeez

by ksj 13 hours ago

“Boat person” sounded SO bad to start with. Omfggggg

by Bianca Redhead 14 hours ago

“that’s 14 shots sis” “is it???” dead 😂😂😂

by Elyssa Snelling 11 hours ago


is me looking back at my life

by R A 14 hours ago

With these dark times, Cut comes through with Curtis and these awesome people to entertain us :)

by Braxis 14 hours ago

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