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What Will I Find in a Drained River? (WARNING: Water Rising)

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Today I search a drained river for lost valuables with my dog Treasure!
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Have you lost something underwater and would like for me to find? Send me an email describing what you lost, when you lost this item and also how long ago you lost it. Please keep in mind I receive a lot of emails. Only send an email if you truly need my help. Email me at: FindMyLostValuablesyahoo.com
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Video filmed and edited by Beau Darkens
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What Will I Find in a Drained River? (WARNING: Water Rising) https://youtu.be/pjeAYamAnIw

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by DALLMYD 22 hours ago

Dude I am waiting for the moment when he finds something valuable he can sell.

That would be a reward for him cleaning that river

by Your Colors6 3 hours ago

Jake: (finds busted flash light) that's pretty cool, it's goin' in the treasure bag
Also Jake: (finds fishing reel) TraSH
Me: wut

by Andrew Alexander 4 hours ago

I'm really happy that you bounced back from your accident so quickly.

by Raindogs Datalogs 4 hours ago

Jake seems like the person you would love to be friends with

by Lauren Olsen 3 hours ago

Made it! Btw I have major respect for people like you cleaning up the waters major respect to you bro

by NBA Funny 4 hours ago

butt clap

by Elixerence 3 hours ago

Fishing reel: thats definetly trash
Fishing lure: wOaH

by Longa Gaming 13 minutes ago

When he throws away the trash into the bin it sounds like when Someone falls over in a cartoon

by ofdyg 54 minutes ago

2020:Dallmyd Cleaned a river

2050:Dallmyd cleaned all of the rivers in the USA

by AviatorGamer 316 3 hours ago

I can’t be the only one that when the video just starts even if it’s loading, I like it because I know it’ll be great.

by Hannah Cross 46 minutes ago

Looking at my subscriptions:
Jake searching his usual spot in the river

less than 1 day later:
1 million views!

by Julie Berlier 3 hours ago

For a second I thought the title said "WARNING: Drowning Water

by Christmas Lights 57 minutes ago

I remember the first time you showed Treasure the dog, time goes so fast!

(OMG THX DALLMYD)😄Im so happy!

I really love your vids, it makes me so happy. Today, my grandpa was told he only has a few months left due to cancer. June 12 is his birthday, and Quite possibly his last... we will be visiting him in two weeks, for 3-4 days. Even though he is my step grandfather, he is my grandpa. This video made me so much happier! Keep it up Jake, you made my day so much better!

by A chick named Shrimpy 3 hours ago

Me: *sees thumbnail
My brain: Aww He’s tiny

by Anyla Reynolds 2 hours ago

“you’re digging in my hole dude”

thats what she said

by Julian de Vries 10 minutes ago

Jake: finds potential murder weapon.

Also jake:continue to throw it in his trash bag.

by Legend Wave 53 minutes ago

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