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ASP.NET Core 2.1: Building a Simple Web API

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This tutorial will take you through how to create a simple .NET Core 2.1 Web API our demo will focus on creating an Inventory Store to Add and Get items. As we go through this video we will explore some of the new features of .NET Core 2.1.
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Daniel Donbavand photo 1 ASP.NET Core 2.1: Building a... Daniel Donbavand photo 2 ASP.NET Core 2.1: Building a... Daniel Donbavand photo 3 ASP.NET Core 2.1: Building a... Daniel Donbavand photo 4 ASP.NET Core 2.1: Building a...

Great tutorial! That's how most production app looks like.

by Kishan Patel 4 months ago

Thanks for the tutorial. Simple and to the point instead of watching an hour long video. Does core come with it's own form of DI framework or is something like Ninject preferred?

by Willem 7 months ago

Awesome, excellent tutorial. Keep it up dude :-)

by Abdul Rahim 7 months ago

Excellent video. Thanks Daniel, I was able to run the Core API successfully. A great start into a new technology.

by shiviselin 1 year ago

Great! Exactly what I needed! Keep it up!

by Jono Schoeman 3 months ago

Hello and thank you for this wonderful tutorial! I have a question about web API. I understood the main idea of the web api but I did not understand how an end-user can use it. In minute you entered a URL to get the values but for an end-user it is not practical to use it. How can we convert it to a graphical user interface? Or how can we use web api in a real application? Thanks in advance!

by Mete Kaba 1 month ago

This is necessary disable SSL in Postman.
File>Settings>General>SSL Certificate Verification "OFF"

by Rafael Rocha 9 months ago

All my source files are coming back miscellaneous. Any idea on how to fix this?

by Hussein Elzein 6 months ago

great tutorial! question how do you get that dialog to quickly add folders / classes / interfaces etc I constantly have to right click > add then find the thing I want to add etc.

by Scott Atkinson 1 year ago

Fantastic dude ... exactly what I needed.

by Ian James 3 months ago

Спасибо, друг.

by Black 1 year ago

hey its an outstanding video, one small doubt as im kinda new to the APIs ,, is it mandatory to include a Dictionary as the data structure while writing the APIS or it can be a list or queue as well ?

by shanthu reddy 2 months ago

Hey, Nice video.
Do you know how can I publish my Web Api application on IIS? I tried everything.. Nothing goes well

by Yehuda Knoll 1 year ago

Hi Daniel, what do I need to do to host the service in IIS? Thanks!

by Sascha Krüning 1 year ago

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