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Dogs Eating their First McDonald's HAPPY MEAL!!

#Commentary #our family nest golden retrievers #tucker and Dax #mcdonalds #Pets & Animals
Dax & Tucker get to ride in the car to McDonalds and eat their first Happy Meal! See if they liked it!
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Dax & Tucker photo 1 Dogs Eating their First McDonald's... Dax & Tucker photo 2 Dogs Eating their First McDonald's... Dax & Tucker photo 3 Dogs Eating their First McDonald's... Dax & Tucker photo 4 Dogs Eating their First McDonald's...

TUcker..another Golden named Tucker? Ever seen Tucker Budsyn, with owner Linda/Courtney? It's very popular!

by Steve Carras 4 months ago

They will definitely have to take a massive poop afterwards.

by Eric Matterson 4 months ago

I heard Tucker say: "This junkfood is absolutely not healthy for dogs and thus 100% GARBAGE" :-))

by Stefan Reitz 4 months ago

Hope these little golden angels didn't have to suffer the wrath of severe stomach pains afterward.

by Oceanblue 4 months ago

Dax and Tucker are the cutest golden retrievers

by Rainbow girl 5 months ago

They ate their meal at one go and the burger vanished in one bite😄. They sleeping on bed with blankets pulled over was the cutest part.

by Anindita Banerjee 5 months ago

Dax sniffing the air is literally me when I pull up to McDonalds too. Dax’s whimpering at the checkout window is also me. Basically I’m Dax.

by Genesis Kravitz 5 months ago

is it just me or does anybody else want to be these dogs right now

by Rebecca Chatlos 4 months ago

When I had my dog we got her burgers a lot. I miss her.

by Jodi Rodriguez 5 months ago

I can go months if not years - at 32 - without eating McDonalds but some of these comments are pathetic.

by Robert Ryan 4 months ago

Dax and Tucker said...... AND DON'T FORGET MY TOY!!

by TYGA 5 months ago

If only humans were more like dogs!!

by tavia warner 4 months ago

Thought it was tuckerbudzyn.
Realised that golden retrievers are adorable and there’s are tons of accounts.

by MoonCrest Studios 3 months ago

Great dog lovers cute dogs...once in a while Happy Meal is ok...

by Richard Francis 4 months ago

* TOTALLY LOVE Dax & Tucker!!"*-- They are SO ADORABLE- SO cute & SO hilarious!!-- What a BEAUTIFUL family!!

by Gloria Rider 4 months ago

I wouldn’t even give my own offspring McDonald’s. Certainly wouldn’t give my puppy McDonald’s.

by Ryan U 5 months ago

I love it how they were in the bed together 😂

by Laura Duncan 5 months ago

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