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Stimulus Check: Who Gets It & How Much? (UPDATE)

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We finally have an updated stimulus bill that's been approved by the Senate, Congress and the White House. In this video I answer two questions: Who gets a check and how much will it be?.
The text of the Bill can be found here (starts on page 144) https://www.scribd.com/document/45327...
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Devin Carroll photo 1 Stimulus Check: Who Gets It... Devin Carroll photo 2 Stimulus Check: Who Gets It... Devin Carroll photo 3 Stimulus Check: Who Gets It... Devin Carroll photo 4 Stimulus Check: Who Gets It...

When the government wants YOUR money they will hunt you down the world over. When the government needs to give YOU money.....lol....
.yeah. I'll believe it when I see it.

by Marci HF 13 hours ago

NOTE: Students who are declared as dependents on their parent’s taxes do NOT get a stimulus check.

by Etan Chamare 46 minutes ago

We may need this money when they raise the price of toilet paper

by Sheila Morin 7 hours ago

I have all of this except I didn't add direct bank deposit info till 2019 I'm still good right?

by Konami 12 hours ago

So even though I’m in the military, and live on my own, since I’m “technically” still a dependent of my parents at the age of 21, I won’t get anything. Even though I lost my part time job because of this. Am I correct??

by T-BAGGED_BY_GOD 11 hours ago

Thank you tremendously for researching/sharing all this info .... I’ve been looking for answers everywhere here on YouTube, and you’ve provided all of them! 👍 Great job, just subscribed ☺️

by Cherie' A 13 hours ago

I was trying to get a full straight* answer about this for days now- thank you for making it simple as that.

by Dawn Damron 13 hours ago

Wow everything is playing out so perfect To Put us in a very vulnerable situation

by Oneshot Movement 12 hours ago

What if someone was or is on state disability? How do they figure that out.

by BLACKRAG 64 13 hours ago

I'm on a 60 day review on my IRS Income Tax refund, so I'm not holding my breath on this money either....

by Billy K. 12 hours ago

The line is so busy that by the time they finally answer me so can file my unemployment claim ill be back to work

by Carlos G 13 hours ago

The democrats got 25 million for their pay in the bill

by Jerri Jenkins 9 hours ago

Would this apply to my uncle who got out of prison in December 2019

by HYPER DUKES 11 hours ago

So, will us on SSI qualify for it? I have Epilepsy, I’m on SSI and curious if I’ll be able to receive it? It’s hard living month after month with just 780.00

by Daniel Patino 13 hours ago

This guy lowkey looks like a hybrid between my band director and my Geometry teacher and it's really trippy.

by Avian 7 minutes ago

What about an qualified adult dependant like a disabled parent on SSI that I claimed on my 2019 taxes that I'm primary caregiver of

by Chris Myres 11 hours ago

So what if I haven’t filed my 2019 taxes yet and I had a child last year? Will they base it as my 2018 single status?

by Laura Gonzalez 13 hours ago

The world leaders should sue China for all the people who have been affected!

by eddie sanchez 36 minutes ago

What if you had no income in 2019 and wouldn’t normally file taxes?

by undertow 13 hours ago

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