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Bass Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

#football #bottle flip #fish #sea #Sports
Time to fish, Dude Perfect style..
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Comment: Those fish are HUGE!!!
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Dude Perfect photo 1 Bass Fishing Battle | Dude... Dude Perfect photo 2 Bass Fishing Battle | Dude... Dude Perfect photo 3 Bass Fishing Battle | Dude... Dude Perfect photo 4 Bass Fishing Battle | Dude...

“The twins caught zero fish”
“You had 2 hours!!”

by Zach Warner 9 months ago

Is anyone else just watching all of the dude perfect battles

by Ya Yeet 3 months ago

Cody: "I am the greatest fisherman alive!"

Well yes, but actually no

by EJ Tamayo 19 hours ago

Searched up "Bass Battle" (As in a battle between who can play the bass guitar better) and ended up here. Not disappointed.

by Garry Sucks 5 months ago

I think they should do a Deep sea fishing battle part 2

Like so they can see

by Joseph Bisesi 9 months ago

My fav part is when Cody went "pound it nongin" with the fish 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

by JJ's vlogs and Games 1 month ago

Imagine having a fish on with that speed...

by Your Bae * 6 months ago

Ty is the only one that knows how to use a baitcaster🤣

by Dillon White 3 months ago

never celebrate to early Cody

by _Jack2800_ 5 months ago

Cody: I am the greatest fisherman alive!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Famous Last Words

Edit: I’ve never had so many likes! BTW Team Coby since the beginning!

by Brian Paladin 9 months ago

First, Tyler is wearing the blue long sleeve shirt
Then, the blue longsleeve moves into Garrett
Lastly, in the award ceremony, it is on coby

What is going on😂

by bob mcmuffins 1 month ago

Cody could’ve made the finale if he didn’t spend half his day making out with the fish.

by Bobbytherossy 1 day ago

If Cody didn't spend half his day making out with the fish he would have advanced.

by wolverinefangowings 9 months ago

“The twins caught zero fish.”
“You had two HOURS.”
Me: Im not mad, I’m just disappointed.

by Benjamin Batewell 1 week ago

cory: fish on

also cory: fish off

by Nolan W. 4 months ago

they should do ice fishing

like so they read this

by Gio D 5 months ago

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