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Grocery Store Stereotypes

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Grocery Store Stereotypes! Love em' or hate em', we all know em'
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► Which Stereotype should we do next?

by Dude Perfect 1 year ago

You do guys realize that ALMOST every stereotypes they had, Cody is always the reason for Ty going rage monster

by Itz_ Derpy 3 weeks ago

Not a single soul:
Comments on ANY video: WhO's hERe DurInG CoRonA TiMe?

Edit: Never had this many likes before thx =)

by Cath Dunstan 3 days ago

People in 2019: Aisle Blockade
People in 2020: that’s cute

by Emma Hwang 6 days ago

Imagine doing rage monster and you realise the recording is off, you have to clean it, buy it and do it again!!

by Dominating Legend 2 weeks ago

How much money you guys spend for making rage monster's scene???????

by R.G Game 1 year ago

Me in quarantine: sees him grab the milk with his mouth, Ö

by Anicka Night 1 week ago

watching this now after 2 year later i now realize how expensive a basketball court is lol

by Sharavan Duvvuri 1 week ago

Who’s watching in 2020?(corona sucks)

by BlazeCat Bs 1 week ago

Cost to supply a school: $10,000
Cost to supply a hospital: $10,000,000
Cost to supply the rage monster: $100,000,000,000

by It's Heath 1 week ago

They forgot the mom who talks to their friend forever

Didn't expect to get that many likes Wow!

by Mr.Monkey 12 7 months ago

i like how everybody takes pictures and looks at them in the background

by Jacc Speer 6 days ago

Do military stereotypes. Because i want to see Ty get his hands onto.

by FistBro [GD] 5 days ago

Who else agrees that this was the best rage monster ever

by SalehMan beast 1 week ago

when you drink to much soda at a sleepover

by gxcampagnaro 6 days ago

School stereotypes
-The bully
-The nerd
-The athlete
-The drama queen
-The club guy
-The "Forgot his homework" guy
-The strict principal
-The substitute teacher
-The field trip
-The rage monster
-The chaperone
-The pop quiz
-Sleepy Sam
-The friend
-the cheater
-The try hard
-The late guy
-The chatter
-The school dance
-The short guy
-The tall guy
-The school photo
-The essay
There's some more stereotypes
Hope u enjoy! :)

by Oofy Oof 1 year ago

this is my favorite part of the video

by Thu Ton 4 weeks ago

Who noticed the “short line analysis” part they choose the number 4 and 13?

(If you don’t know, they both are unlucky numbers)

by Packi Kittipob 1 week ago

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