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World's Strongest Laser | Overtime 5 | Dude Perfect

#chad #spinners #dude perfect bottle flip #edition #Sports
It's time for a laser that can pop balloons and light matches!.
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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Dude Perfect photo 1 World's Strongest Laser | Overtime... Dude Perfect photo 2 World's Strongest Laser | Overtime... Dude Perfect photo 3 World's Strongest Laser | Overtime... Dude Perfect photo 4 World's Strongest Laser | Overtime...

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by Dude Perfect 1 year ago

Breaking news Panda has been Missing For 6 months.:thumbsup:

by We make Trickshots 1 year ago

Bethany Toney: Sports could disappear tomorrow and I would have no idea.
Well, Mrs. Toney, have I got news for you...

by Sean Sutton 2 months ago

I love how they say “cool not cool has gone to a whole different level” and now there are Lamborghinis and 5 star chefs :joy:

by Hannah Tensen 1 week ago

“They put fish eyes in the back of the sandal.”
gives a green
Says the one who didn’t put an eye on the back of the watermelon shark.

by Dem Sheepz 3 weeks ago

Who else watched this video again and again and wishes there’s another “Wives vs Chad”?

by Eduardo Moncada 1 week ago

“Sports could disappear and I wouldn’t even know it”. Suspicious

by ToastedBread 2 months ago

Who’s here when gronk retired then he played for the buccaneers with Brady

by NerfDude 1 week ago

Who is out here just watching all of the overtime’s while Coronavirus is going on?

by Tik Tok Edits 3 weeks ago

This is the best episode for cool not cool!!!!:heart_eyes:

by Anisha Jani 2 weeks ago

“Worlds strongest laser”
styropyro: *laughs in melting flesh”

by i play r6 jim 1 week ago

That’s such a mom answer “he was married to a cardashian”

by Logan _Tube101 2 weeks ago

So we just gon ignore the fact that cody pulled a gun out of a school backpack?

by Michael Nowak 8 months ago

Garrett::*throws four golden boys*
Golden boy: dont ever do that again

by Ojim Lanab 2 weeks ago

Overtime 5: Cool not Cool has gone to the next level.

Overtime 15: No super cools and one Super not Cool.

by Jonas Dimapilis 1 week ago

He was married to a kardashian XD of course she knows that

by Tsukiko Shimizu 1 week ago

Wives vs chad might be the greatest segment tied with cool not cool

by Blake 1 week ago

Dude Perfect please NEVER end " Cool not cool" its probably the best thing in Overtime and same for " Wheel Unfortunate" please never end it!!! :D

by Macy Davensyon 1 year ago

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