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Katy Perry ~ "DARK HORSE" (Sung in MLP Voices)

EileMonty photo 1 Katy Perry ~ EileMonty photo 2 Katy Perry ~ EileMonty photo 3 Katy Perry ~ EileMonty photo 4 Katy Perry ~

The ones that scared me:
- Granny Smith
- Pinkie Pie
- Celestia
- Chrysalis
- Zecora
- Apple Bloom
- Babs Seed

by Yoshi Exploshi 5 months ago

Who’s watching this in 2020

by 凯凯KaiKai 3 months ago

The ones that shocked me

-granny smith
- pinkie pie
- flutter shy
- celestia
- apple bloom

by Jamster 1 month ago

Flutter shy is always saying her word but she’s so kind but her word when someone does like this to flutter shy “FLUTTER SHY” she says “yay”

by Khesa Guinaob 3 weeks ago

No one:

Reallity no one:

The comments: LiKe If yOu WaChiNG tHis oN


by wolfy tube UwU 4 months ago

Princess Celestia scared me it was so good

by marley the cat 3 months ago


by LOVE TARIAAT 3 months ago

Who is watching in 2019 December
🔽 like if you do

by Gacha mìkhå 4 months ago

All y'all commenting are you watching in 2019 while I'm commenting are you watching in 2020

by Mikayla Oldfield 4 months ago

Кто из русских прибыл сюда из конца 2019?)))

by _Анита _ 4 months ago

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