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Hii babesss! I finally filmed a video with baby e's daddy hehe. This was definitely out of the ordinary for him, but I hope you guys like it! :)
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Lashes im always wearing.
See you guys in my next bideooo!

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Elsy Guevara photo 1 MEET MY BABYDADDY! Elsy Guevara photo 2 MEET MY BABYDADDY! Elsy Guevara photo 3 MEET MY BABYDADDY! Elsy Guevara photo 4 MEET MY BABYDADDY!

The baby is gonna come out whispering

by Jade Aileen 1 week ago

I pray that Elijah doesn’t hurt Elsy. He seems like a sweet guy.
Elsy is such a sweet, hardworking, gentle person. I’m sure their family will be so beautiful! Just pray that if he were to get tired of Elsy or anything in that manner, that he just tells her and is honest with her and doesn’t cheat on her.

by Adriana Banda 1 week ago

Am I the only one that doesn’t get any negative vibes from him? There’s a bunch of negative comments that I don’t think make any sense 😂

by Alexie Garcia 2 days ago

This is more awkward than the Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott video .

by Joss Vlogs 5 days ago

Lmfao just when I thought someone couldn’t talk lower than Elsy here comes Elijah lol

by That’s So Raven 1 week ago

“The first time he stayed over, he never left”😂

by Xoe Ortiz 1 week ago

Something is so off here , he can’t really talk good about you or the relationship as far as proper genuine answers? Instead he called you big head and called you basically desperate by putting it out their that you came onto him and drove two hours to him and how he thought he was gonna one night stand you and basically that he was sexually attracted to you . Also he said he wasn’t even excited about you getting pregnant but i think he has no choice but to be excited now since your having the baby .

by Anthony Perez 5 days ago

All I’m hearing is how she has a big ass head This is the first time meeting him n this is what comes out of his mouth Hmmm having mixed feelings about him for some reason Not a good vibe at all Well let’s see how this goes

by Syvonney Salcedo 2 days ago

Does Elijah bounce when he’s nervous? Lol he was giving me anxiety pobresito 😂

by Danielle Mejia 1 week ago

Dang she found someone who whispers just like her 🤣

by Vianey Chavez 1 week ago

As alondras long time best friend , you had every right to feel the need to defend her . Period. 🙄

by Beatby_Rose 1 week ago

He kinda rude but I think it’s just because he’s young. When you see the way he looks at her it looks like he really loves her. He could just be nervous or camera shy and deflecting

by Jasmine Harper 2 days ago

“Preggo hooker” 😂😂You both are so like each other can’t wait for baby E to arrive💕 $ceciliasalgado9

by Cecilia S. 1 week ago

I didn’t realize how low we BOTH talk until I started editing this video .. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 the frozen microphone willlll make an appearance in my next video lol sorry guys 😩 ALSO he said team TEA as in he still talks to all 3 of us.. not as in like he’s rooting for them to be together, cause he’s certainly not lol. He respects Alo’s & Bennys relationship to the fullest😇

by Elsy Guevara 1 week ago

Everyone's saying he's rude and stuff but I honestly think he's just nervous and he's joking with her a lot. That could just be their relationship. Don't be so quick to judge

by Alexis Romero 13 hours ago

Something feels off but I just hope Elijah always treats her like a queen

by Natalia Valadez 5 days ago

Hope you two are isolating together and he’s not visiting? Since there is a killer virus and you’re pregnant?

by Yabbadabbado 5 days ago

They’re talking like they’re up at 3 am and gotta be quiet cause moms sleeping in the next room 😂😅 you guys are cute though!!

by Jennifer Daniela 1 week ago

Elsy found herself a man that whispers just like her 😂 GO ELSY! $cakeswithbri

by Brianna Loera 1 week ago

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