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hope you all are staying positive and staying inside, love you
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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

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emma chamberlain photo 1 MAKING NUT MILK *COOKING WITH... emma chamberlain photo 2 MAKING NUT MILK *COOKING WITH... emma chamberlain photo 3 MAKING NUT MILK *COOKING WITH... emma chamberlain photo 4 MAKING NUT MILK *COOKING WITH...

this is oddly the most put-together and confident she's been in a video

by Madison Lee 6 days ago

“i’m tired guys” nobody: “i’m sorry didn’t mean to vent like that”

by Ivy Peterman 4 days ago

Imagine, Emma is on a date.

Her date: So do you have any hobbies?
Emma: I make my own nut milks.
Her date: .......

by Mariah Okane 5 days ago

I can’t believe she just ended every milk brand’s careers. Thats what we call pOWeR

by lol lol 5 days ago

no one:

not a single person:

not a soul:

Emma: “BoNe ApPlE TiTs”

by Lexiii H 2 days ago

“I’m tired guys” “sorry I didn’t mean to vent like that”

by Laura Kilworth 6 days ago

I literally don't care what anyone says, this is some quality ass content.

by Christian J Anderson 5 days ago

Emma is so cute no one tell her that oats aren’t a nut

by Mairead Healyy 1 day ago

“I’m tired guys”..... sorry I didn’t mean to vent like that

by Evelyn Johns 4 days ago

this was actually the most successful “cooking with emma” ever

by hana clearwater 3 days ago

Emma: "Making your own nut milk is the future."

Me: waiting for chamberlainmilk. com

by Denman Otali 6 days ago

Literally nobody:
Emma: “make milk can be my new hobby”

by Š Š 5 days ago

“i’m tired guys.... sorry i didn’t mean to vent like that” killed me 😂

by Lizeth L 3 days ago

“Deez Nutz”
“ha got eem” echoing in the background*

by Landen Kiser 5 days ago

“I’m tired guys....... sry I didn’t mean to vent like tht.” - Emma Lmao I say that phrase literally 100 times a day XD

by Indira Peters 2 days ago

“I’m tired guys .... sorry I didn’t mean to vent like that” LMAOOO I LOST IT

by Deja Marie 6 days ago

social distancing really be getting to youtubers

joana: shaving her head
jennelle: spends the whole day putting her hair in dreads
emma: makes nut milk

by Olivia 3 days ago


the hydroflask matching with her sweater

by Kyran Nickens 5 days ago

when she put in the maple syrup i immediately thought of that vine that goes “add two shots of vodka *adds the whole thing*”

by your italic I’m in bold 4 days ago

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