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Affordable + cute bikinis (try on haul)

Emma Marie photo 1 Affordable + cute bikinis ... Emma Marie photo 2 Affordable + cute bikinis ... Emma Marie photo 3 Affordable + cute bikinis ... Emma Marie photo 4 Affordable + cute bikinis ...

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a good day! I noticed a lot of comments about body shaming and I just wanna say, I was in a position where I was struggling with the way my body looked. Still to this day I am, but it is getting better. You just have to learn to accept and learn to love who YOU are! Nobody is perfect, everyone is different in their own ways. Do NOT compare yourself to other people! You are very very beautiful inside and out and I hope one day you guys all see that. We may not look like Kylie Jenner but you are you and that is good enough. Wear whatever you want, do whatever you want, do not let other peoples negative comments and opinions change that. I love you all so much XoXo.

by Emma Marie 19 hours ago

i love how emma found affordable ones for us because not everyone can buy $50 bathing suits

by Ursula Rydell 21 hours ago

No one:
90% of the comments: P.S I’m a Small Youtuber

by Faith's Life 21 hours ago

me crying because i don’t live by a beach, lake, i don’t own a pool, and doesn’t have a good body 😫

by savvy ; savannah 21 hours ago

Literally nobody:

Not even a single soul:

Literally nobody:

Not even a single soul:

by basically beatrice 18 hours ago

she’s so cute when she was giggling and talking about the guy 🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰

by Amelia Carita 21 hours ago


comments: who’s been a fan before 2020

me: BRUH 😑

by Maddi Barajas 21 hours ago

every comment: “I’m A sMaLl yOuTuBeR” 😑🤦‍♀️

by Savannah Schultz 20 hours ago

Finally a teen who’s not trying to wear a thong to the beach😂

by Tessa Lynnette 16 hours ago

anyone else think she’s pretty like i wish i looked like that

by Taylor Yurkewicz 21 hours ago

I love how Emma makes people feel good, her personality makes you want to be her friend. She also showed a lot of affordable bathing suits which is helpful for a lot of people :)

by Aliya Dastgah 20 hours ago

no one:
emma: making everyone’s quarantine better

by Olivia May 20 hours ago

Love this gal she’s so pretty, she has inspired me so much to start my own channel 💖xx

by Elise Lulu 22 hours ago

am I the only one that has like 2 swimsuits? hahahah

by Baby Yoda 21 hours ago

I LOVE the first neon orange bathing suit, but unfortunately it’s out of stock in my size :(

by Delaney R 21 hours ago

Finally a bikini haul that isn’t full of super revealing bathing suits

by Anna Maldonado 18 hours ago

This is how many people think Emma is perfect

by Cheer 0602 18 hours ago

emma is so tan. i want that. she has the most perfect body. i also want that.

by Haley Ballard 18 hours ago

did sis rly post two days in a row? i’m LIVING

by Lindsay Dyndiuk 21 hours ago

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