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I Went Bald

I shaved all of my hair and went bald thanks to this professional makeup artist. I got everyone's reaction at the FaZe House FaZe Adapt FaZe Rain FaZe Teeqo FaZe Temperrr Cizzorz FaZe Teeqo TeaWap FaZe Banks FaZe Rug FaZe Apex and Sommer Ray . oh and I also facetimed my mum
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🐦 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/liljarviss
🍉 edited by TeaWap: https://www.instagram.com/teawap

FaZe Jarvis photo 1 I Went Bald FaZe Jarvis photo 2 I Went Bald FaZe Jarvis photo 3 I Went Bald FaZe Jarvis photo 4 I Went Bald

jarvis with a bald head makes him look like a latina wrestler.

by Fadalerab Rasool 11 hours ago

Jarvis: bald Kay: that’s insane bro!

by Suprxme 1 hour ago

Alex: I’ll shave my head at 200k likes Jarvis: bet I’ll get that in 24 hours

by Cosmic Withtheillusion 11 hours ago

Sommer- “you’re kinda cute”
Jarvis’s next video- “actually went bald”

by KaiZen Creed 4 hours ago

Alex is talking about Jarvis’s head shape being exposed while his head has a permanent indent from the gaming headset😂😂

by Aminadab Tsegai 11 hours ago

This is what Fortnite banning him did he was then sent to prison where they “took” his hair

by mayamilo01 6 hours ago

Sommer “u look kinda cute” Jarvis thinking in his head “ Maybe I should go bald” ha Don’t listen to the hate comments your hair is fire

by Mario Gaspar 9 hours ago

“Jarvis stop swearing.” Had me crying 😭😭😭😭

by JuJu 10 hours ago

I wish you just titled it “bald prank” or something not wasting my time thinking you actually buzzed it all

by Auxxard 10 hours ago

Mum: starts laughing

by ITZ_5UL3_184 5 hours ago

When your mum still tells you stop swearing 😂😂

by AFB 10 hours ago

I think I’m going to shave my head too since I can’t get a haircut lmao 😂😰

by Dj Vin 9 hours ago

His hair got banned then he had to shave it off

Looking back at this it doesnt make sense

by Cbass95 11 hours ago

Wait, did Apex just say 'Highkey' instead of 'Lowkey'

by ccNuts 9 hours ago

when she see the little thing for the first time

by HAVIC 11 hours ago

😂You know it’s funny when Faze banks is laughing 😂

by Carlos Toma 5 hours ago

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