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I Stream Sniped Tfue until he RAGE QUIT FORTNITE

#jarvis #rage quit #streamers #stream sniper #Music
I tried to Stream Snipe Tfue until I was Banned or He Rage Quit Fortnite.. Look what happened...!
Sorry Tfue...
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FaZe Kay photo 1 I Stream Sniped Tfue until... FaZe Kay photo 2 I Stream Sniped Tfue until... FaZe Kay photo 3 I Stream Sniped Tfue until... FaZe Kay photo 4 I Stream Sniped Tfue until...


by FaZe Kay 2 days ago

This mans ping was like 1,100 and he didn’t even notice

by Voltic_Milk 2 days ago

How he has so many points in arena if he sucks at this game

by Juan Juan 23 hours ago


Tfue: dies to skye

Jarvis and kay : omg that was lit brooo

by Lewis Jones 6 hours ago

You can tell he wasn’t actually playing when he was “ warming up”

by Ur_mom6969 1 day ago

Faze kay is going to get banned now that was abousltely jarvis

by Corinthian Jones 21 hours ago

He’s not actually playing when he is getting trained. He’s pretending

by Jensen HARGREAVES 22 hours ago

How Jarvis got banned:aimbotting

How faze Kay got banned:stream sniping

by Venom Feelanx 2 days ago

How normal people pronounce Tfue: Tfu
Jarvis & Frazier: TeeFew

by Lincoln Friesen 7 hours ago

Jarvis in a drift mask Playing Kay: trying to resist saying you’re INSANE bro

by Saulty 4 hours ago

Kay: I don’t want to be that “toxic”. (Does take the L)

by hommy 12 hours ago

This is benjyfishy play in the kinked Jarvis from faZe vid

by Sparky - 19 hours ago

Who else thinks Jarvis was behind the mask

Guys plzz help me beaty cousin and get more likes on my comment than him

by M. Faizaan Sarang 2 days ago

Kay:I can’t kill him the truth:not even shooting at him 😂

by CODE DAX 20 hours ago

Anyone going to talk about that’s a old montage when they pranked Jarvis when he was getting kick of faze?

by Rudy Mora 1 day ago

He didn’t even kill tfue, skye did because he didn’t even have the mythic scar

by Parallel Woods 22 hours ago

When you got the "power" from the "fortnite god", you used clips from this video: when benjifishy played, lol.

by MrShaza 1 day ago

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