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Today I play the brand new PIGGY gamemode- infection! Where if you get caught by piggy, you become part of the piggy team and have to hunt down your past teammates!

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guys i just realized we’re all enjoying a man in his 20’s bully children for fun and scream when he loses... that’s quality content

edit: i really feel like eating bread right now

by I Like Roblox 3 days ago

Use Admin in life in paradise copy the whole entire server and put far away and teleport a random person so they will be alone forever

Like so Albert can see I’m not beggar if you don’t want to like then don’t I just want to see this happen

by Spiderfilms 1 day ago

Albert: infect de people!!

Covid-19: I'm about to end this man's whole career

by Ross Villalon 1 day ago

Roblox idea: using “:noclip” dress up as a ghost and haunt a player as they roleplay in their everyday life

by Aiden Picado 1 day ago

Albert: my room smells like pee, idk why tho

Me: remembers the fnaf vid yeah me too, idk the reason as well

by Derpy Animations 3 days ago

Idea for a vid:
Find someone in a game then copy there outfit and have a lot of fans copy the person too.

by Lilly May P 1 day ago

Hey flamingo,I just played this really good camping type game called “plane crash in the forest” as I said it was really good and it had amazing graphics and sounds! You should try it out.

by Chloe Luckenbach 1 day ago

Albert: “This room smells like pee.... I don’t know why.”

Me: Bedrock, it was Bedrock, his dog, wasn’t it.

by UnitedRats 2 days ago

Albert: My Room Smells Like Peee

Albert: Keeps Smiling

Me: Quarantine has turned people into freaks.

by Bedo Mohamed 1 day ago

Albert: haha you got infected

Albert when he loses: hold up, wait a minute something ain’t right

by Why is life a thing 1 day ago

Albert: Tries to control his anger
Also Albert: BrOtHeR
James Charles: SISTER

by Ay Linxx 12 hours ago

Albert: my room kinda smells like pee......me: the corners of my living room smell like pee, now whenever I’m sit on the couch near the corner I smell pee edit: I don’t own the living room my mom does I don’t know why I did this comment :0

by Mandy 1 day ago

Albert’s room prob smells like “pee” cuz he peed himself from being scared, u know what I’m talking about. The FNAF VR vid
Edit: Sorry, I addressed his name wrong, I meant Sis vs Bro from Sis vs Bro

by Alfie Kenny 3 days ago

Of course I was eating a grill cheese when he said “my room smells like pee” 😂😂😂😂

by XxSilverMoonxX _xD 1 day ago

Every like this gets I'll put Still Chill
Still Chill

by brooklyn oof 1 day ago

Albert saying sorry

Me having a heart attack because that's the first time I ever heard him say sorry*

It really be like that doe

by Evelyn Juarez lopez 1 day ago

“My room kinda smeels like pee...”

“I dunno why 😳🤔”

by Daisy Carroll 1 day ago

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