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Bassassin - Fortnite Shorts

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Contract Giller is the one you send in to make sure things get done right.
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Fortnite photo 1 Bassassin - Fortnite Shorts Fortnite photo 2 Bassassin - Fortnite Shorts Fortnite photo 3 Bassassin - Fortnite Shorts Fortnite photo 4 Bassassin - Fortnite Shorts

When Jarvis wants to pick up the controller again:
Jarvis picking up the controller in months:

by Casper 13 hours ago

I expected to hear a silence pistol shot from inside the room once he got in

by stufflyD 16 hours ago

Where is going he going to vault he needs to elimate him to get vault card also does this mean meowcles yacht turning in to shadow?

by Space Spice 16 hours ago

“Maaaa, there’s a weird cat outside.”
“It looks like grandma”

by Quakex 17 hours ago

Petition to make yarn a throwable item to distract the Meowscles boss.
edit: to clear up all the comments I’m saying that the yarn is an item in game not an object that comes with the outfit

by Darth Vader 17 hours ago

How many styles should we have for fishstick?

Epic games: Yes

by MrEpicBruh 16 hours ago

Midas - “We don’t have the right man for the job”

Random Fish Guy in a suit sitting in the corner of the room - “Hold my tuna”

by Caden Tacoronte 15 hours ago

Shadow Meowscles sees a ball

Shadow Meowscles: "ain't nobody see a thing"

Agent fish sticks: "ha gadi"

by Mr VGamez 11 hours ago

"The name's Pond, James Pond. License to Krill."
Agent Fishsticks.

by Andrew Harper 17 hours ago

Late 90s: We will have flying cars!
2020: A freaking fish in a tuxedo.

by Some guy 14 hours ago

Meowscles in job interview be like:

Midas: Can you hold off intruders?

Meowscles: Of course!

Midas: Even if they had yarn?

Meowscles: profuse sweating

by AceNinja Blade 12 hours ago

His eyes look he can see behind him and in front of hin

by VG-_-Turbo 17 hours ago

I love the cinematics, they're so well made

by Oof My Dude 16 hours ago


by Banana 9 hours ago

Me: “Mom I want a fish!”

Mom: “We have fish at home.”

Fish at home:

by Jabir NL 15 hours ago

Me: looks at title

Davie504 has entered the chat

Also me: sees fish

Davie504 has left the chat

by Bass The Aceist 6 hours ago

The cat: My mom

The Fish: me sneaking to play on my PS4 at night

by RaddDragonSammy 17 hours ago

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