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The Power Of Makeup with NIKKIETUTORIALS

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THE QUEEN OF BEAUTY MAKEUP HERSELF, miss NikkieTutorials, helps me put a spin on her classic challenge - Nikkie glams half my face while I do FX on the other side to show the full creative range of the power of makeup! Watch for some Christmas glam or Elf On (off?) a Shelf gore.
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#The power of makeup #fx makeup #nikkie tutorials #sfx #elf on a shelf makeup #Christmas makeup #Christmas glam #fx #half glam half gore

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I'm starting a petition for Mykie to set up a behind-the-scenes camera so we can watch the peanut gallery as well xD

by Delilah Dee 4 months ago

i love how happy anthony is that his off camera presence can now be mentioned

by aubreydink 4 months ago

alternative title: nikkie tutorials falling in love with katy for 19 minutes straight

by cherrykyun 4 months ago

“We’ve got a full house tonight! We’ve got a Katy, we’ve got a Peter, we’ve got an Anthony!”

distant anthony: “........YAY!”

by Kiera S 4 months ago

“I learned to do makeup because I needed to” ME when I explain to people why I can do makeup

by Brooke Jonas 4 months ago

I’m still waiting for a collab with Madeyewlook.

by Sam Marvin 4 months ago

My life will be made if Mykie and Safiya do a collab of some kind. Like maybe turning Safiya into a bat or something

by Jacki Nicole 3 months ago

nikki:*doesnt bring bronzer brush*
also nikki:*brings a mini fan*

by em grefalda 4 months ago

This is irrelevant but remember the good old days when Mykie could tell Alexa to play careless whisper and we could all enjoy without her getting demonetized

by Katelyn Castellano 4 months ago

Everyone is talking about how Anthony was in the montage, but how come no one is talking about Katy licking Mykie at the end

by Lucifer The Unicorn 4 months ago

I love hearing Anthony’s laugh in the background bc his laugh has become so recognizable over the years he’s been on YouTube ((,:

by Tucker Anderson 4 months ago

This was the shortest 19 minutes of my life. I need 10 hours of this.

by Luke Horton 4 months ago

the combination of genuine compliments and battling over territory in this is everything

by candymoths 4 months ago

Everytime Katy says something it's like a quote of the decade

by suffocazion 4 months ago

Nikki: "I can make ANYTHING work." I felt that in the pit of my stomach. lol

by StephenHeart 4 months ago

"You bleached your eyebrows!" Well, somebody doesn't watch this channel.

by Christina Mata 4 months ago


Not a single soul:

Katy: I need socks!

by Olivia Lavel 4 months ago

“I need socks”

Nikki: I thought you said pizza


by Mia 3 months ago

Nikkie: perfect Dutch

Mykie: happy phlegm noises

by M3lvin _fOx 4 months ago

Me: I wonder if Katy's in this video
Katy off in the distance: I need socks!!
Me: Welp that answers my question hahahahahaha

by TornadoJer 4 months ago

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