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Hermitcraft S7 Episode 7: 64 DIAMOND BLOCK Purchase!

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Hermitcraft season 7 episode 6! We make a 64 diamond block land purchase on the shopping district mushroom island of Hermitcraft S7. We now own a massive plot of land for our future plans with ScarX Inc. We also meet up with Stress and purchase 2 villagers for our future fantasy Minecraft village. To end the video we complete the top of the Creeper farm Grian and I have been working on together! I hope you enjoy and are excited about the future of the land we purchased!
Impulse's Infinite Villager breeder video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTseL...
Previous Hermitcraft episode: https://youtu.be/mXyqmSKCPYQ
Hermitcraft season 7 official playlist.
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I'm so excited for the transformation the land we purchased! What ideas do you have for the fantasy village?

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by GoodTimesWithScar 2 days ago

Scar: “I’m like fifty-fifty on the nose”
People who did poll: “SO ARE WE”

by Dumpsterfire 2 days ago

Scar: *flexing with 64 diamond blocks*
Keralis: am just gonna pretend I didn't see that

by Eslo Gaming 17 hours ago

Just as he gave away his magical crystals, he took loads of damage and lost his villagers. Coincidence?

by Potatoe Studios 18 hours ago

Little does everyone know scar installed a mod where all his crystals work

by Bob Phillips 23 hours ago

Scar: blends his builds with the terrain.

by iakah Drake 18 hours ago

Literally nobody:

Scar and Stress: Enacts in slave trade

by Aidan Byrd 2 days ago

The time lapse music sounds like when the gym teacher puts on music

by Leakers Clan 23 hours ago

Hermits: Lets just end your whole career....

by Vorlost Zurab 12 hours ago

“b-b-back in the day, when i ate...”
that made me so emotional 😭

by Sara Shuleska 12 hours ago

my brain went “oh 3 stacks! neat! i’m guessing 128” my brain cells really aren’t working today

by Rachel B 21 hours ago

Iskall: “buying land isn’t required” scar: “are these illegal diamonds cuz I didn’t pay?”

by AidanFarmer11 2 days ago

u need grians villager sound pack from Element animations. So when u say hello, they say hello back.

by JG studios 18 hours ago

so are we just gonna pretend that there wasn't an ocelot on that tree there?

by NOSxShank 23 hours ago

Me to partner: Look those villagers look like hamburgers. The buns, the lettuce, and the patty.
Scar: Isn't this a hamburger? You have the bun, the lettuce, the meat and the bun.

by laartje24 10 hours ago

Grian lives a minute from scar and recently had to kill off excess villagers yet scar went all the way to stress to sell his soul and crystals for hamburgers and a dead villager


by P0tat0z Unicorn 13 hours ago

Scar: "It's like candy, there are no negatuve effects!"

Diabetes: "Am I a jike to you?"

by DarkSamurai 16 hours ago

“back in the day when i ate” i love you scar :) keep doing you and keep making these amazing videos.

by ghst 23 hours ago

Random thought: I love Scar's Time lapse music💕

by Amadeus Studios 13 hours ago

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