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Howl's Moving Castle - Merry go round of Life cover by Grissini Project

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Howl's Moving Castle, Merry go round of life Joe Hisaishi beautiful soundtrack cover by Grissini Project
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Cover of Merry go Round of Life from Howl's Moving Castle Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli film, performed by Grissini Project..
Original music by Joe Hisaishi..
The beginning is quoted from Kyle Landry's wonderful version !.
Performance : Grissini Project
Piano : Romain Vaudé
Violin : Bastien Vidal
Cello : Marwane Champ
Arrangement, coordination and production : Romain Vaudé
Recording, mixing and mastering : Romain Baud
Director and cinematography : Daniel Sicard
Editing : Matéo Dartois
Aditionnal post-production : Solal Moisan
Design thumbnail's artwork : Rafbanzuela (rafbanzuela on Instagram).
Contact : grissiniprojectgmail.com

#cover #joe hisaishi #howl's moving castle #violin #cello #piano #moving #ghibli #castle

Grissini Project photo 1 Howl's Moving Castle - Merry... Grissini Project photo 2 Howl's Moving Castle - Merry... Grissini Project photo 3 Howl's Moving Castle - Merry... Grissini Project photo 4 Howl's Moving Castle - Merry...

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by Grissini Project 6 months ago

I want my life to sound like this.

by Riley 4 months ago

Everybody gansta until the castle starts walking.

by Louis OFFICIAL 2 months ago

when that violin started playing......my soul left my body

by Meril Selewa 3 months ago

y'all remember when Sophie told young howl to find her in the future, and the first words howl tells Sophie when he was rescuing her from the soldiers...there you are I've been looking for you"...at first I was like thats a nice cover but he knew who she's was the whole time????

by Husna Samadi 2 months ago

Here to remind Ghibli fans that Howl's ring was glowing when he met Sophie in the alleyway.
He found his home with her.

by GetsumkiwiInya 9 months ago

Imagine that you own a little coffee shop in paris and this is the backround song

by ur such a wetard uwu 1 month ago

Sophie to Howl in the past : wait for me in the future !
Howl in the beginning of the movie : there you are! I've been looking for you

by Julia 4 weeks ago

The violonist is clearly the third wheel in this love story

by Baptboy 1 month ago

the woman playing the cello is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my life wow

by Chris 1 month ago

Man, I listened to this while eating microwaved potstickers and ramen, and let me tell you I felt so fancy.

by • Sappho • 8 months ago

Whoever arranged this song thought "How can I make someone yearn for something that isn't real, fall for a man who doesn't exist, and break their heart at the same time?" And then they did it.

by Misery 1 week ago

i watched Howl’s moving castle today for the first time ever and when i heard this song it just felt so nostalgic! like i’ve never seen this movie before but i instantly recognized the song, i’m like 99% sure that i’ve heard this before or maybe it’s just in my imagination

by astrid bjurbo 4 weeks ago

Howls Moving Castle is so important to me because my best friend recommended I watch it. 4 months later I fell in love with her and now we're in a relationship. She's my everything and I imagine her and I dancing to this song under the Stars at night while everyone watches.

by Existential Galaxy 3 months ago

This made my heart ache with nostalgia for things that never happened...

by Darly Souza 1 month ago

You can literally hear Howl guiding Sophie across above the heads of the dancing crowd

by Rhea Chan 2 days ago

Im pretty sure all the dislikes are from the people who cried so much listening to this they couldn't see properly

by mark chikinini 1 month ago

Man, that guys hands were made to play the piano! Look how long and elegant they are! (Sorry if that sounded weird!)

by Enya_ 06 1 month ago

I smiled because looking at everyone's faces it looks like they're all telepathically speaking to each other

by Cherry 1 month ago

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