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10 Amazing Gadgets from Aliexpress

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the links below are NOT AFFILIATE
100pcs 5mm RGB:https://bit.ly/2IiGnjs
DIY Bubble Robot Machine:https://bit.ly/32Mbnl6
Motor 130motor with the wheel :https://bit.ly/39ixCBO
DC-DC Mini Step Up Power Module:https://bit.ly/3aCwGIK
:AA Battery Nimh AA 1.2V 1450MAHhttps://bit.ly/2vPlKIN
RGB / RGBW led controller smartphone:https://bit.ly/2xmO5qB
4 in 1 Laser Pointer LED Torch pen:https://bit.ly/333rXgG
Flame Detection Sensor Module:https://bit.ly/32WNmrM
12V Eagle Eye LED Light:https://bit.ly/2IsmBSr

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Hacktuber photo 1 10 Amazing Gadgets from Aliexpress Hacktuber photo 2 10 Amazing Gadgets from Aliexpress Hacktuber photo 3 10 Amazing Gadgets from Aliexpress Hacktuber photo 4 10 Amazing Gadgets from Aliexpress

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by Hacktuber 2 months ago

Yo hacktuber im from ph , i like this good stuff it makes my life relief to see this thing, can i buy it online through here at my country

by Crisian H Cuizon 2 months ago

Been watching your videos for a while very informative great stuff keep it up

by OlBob 2 months ago

Its really usefull collection !! 😍🙂👍🇱🇰

by SL GADGET MAN 2 months ago

Which backround music do you use at the beginning?

by Ard Uino 1 month ago

Cool 👌👍❤️🌹💯💯

by Arts & crafts TV 2 months ago

Is Aliexprees a trusted website???

by OI IO 1 month ago

Please make video on soldering iron

by Atharv Ghule 1 month ago

ola podes mostrar como hiciste tu probador se 5,7.12 vol gracias

by kable sarubbi 3 weeks ago

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