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Hay Day: Meet the Farmer! S2E2: Esther from Tuscany, Italy

#tablet #heydey #game #farmlife #Gaming
In this episode of Meet the Farmer, we go to beautiful Tuscany to meet Esther. Watch her talk about her love for cooking, the meaning of friendship and her overall appreciation for life!
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by Joker 7 months ago

This was so beautiful. The far most best stories.. Esther you’re a beautiful person inside and out..

by Tracy Hollis 7 months ago

wow, her eyes smiled, as well as her friends, very heart warming to see, feel, and be a part of. i wish hay day would engulf the world so we could have peace everywhere. thank you Esther from Italy for sharing. today my heart was touched.

by Denis Wood 7 months ago

Excellent! And bless you, Esther, what a beautiful testimony of your life!

by Lynn Stillwell2 7 months ago

This was one of the most beautiful episodes of meet the farmer! Thank you so much for including an Italian story here! She seems lovely!

by Stacey W. 7 months ago

I enjoyed meeting an Italian farmer and her story . It’s good how HayDay has made a difference in people’s life’s 💗 love HayDay

by Deborah Smith 7 months ago

Esther, what a beautiful story. You are a beautiful person.

by Kay 7 months ago

Another great meet the farmer. Well done, Hay Day.

by Phoebe 7 months ago

Oh, so beautiful! She rose from hard times and still loves life and wants to enjoy it. Respect. 😍

by Un1que Arch3r 7 months ago

I hope you have your paradise further on and I hope the bad times stay in the past :). I wish you good luck for the future :)

by SyromerB 7 months ago

It's lovely to see other people playing hay day

by Damani Resida 7 months ago

This was a really good story. I’m a big fan of these videos and love hearing about the real people in the world who play hay day. If I ever get the chance to go to Volterra, Tuscany I’d love to meet Esther and her friends. Let’s swap devices and play each other’s farms.

by Ricky Burnett 7 months ago

Loved it!! She got one curious cat 😁 evry thing about this clip was amazing 😊

by vinod naiker 7 months ago

Wonderful story what a beautiful place to live. Makes me want to visit. And how fun to play in a group in person. Thanks for sharing.

by Beth Burge 7 months ago

مرحبا كل شباب وبنات كيفكم والله الطبيعيه شي روعه حياتهم بسطية الصداقه عندهم شئ مهم

by دموع الورده 7 months ago

Any time and when the ban on my farm will open

by akřm arِefę 7 months ago

English: I wish we had Peacocks in Hay Day 🦚 / Spanish: Ojalá tuviéramos pavos reales en Hay Day 🦚

by ian Ber 6 months ago

She is such a strong person with love ❤️

by DreamsComeBlue 7 months ago

Beautiful countryside. Farming connects you with nature so I guess that’s why I love hay day so much. It’s ironic because it’s like technology and nature clashing together.

But also..........it’s the ONLY game you don’t need to spend money to really get ahead unlike other games where you’re forced to spend to win. Here, everyone’s at their own pace and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. You only got time on your side.

by Howard Johnson 7 months ago

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