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Amateur Chef Throws Away ALL MONKFISH BY ACCIDENT | Hell's Kitchen

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On a scale of 10 to 10, how badly did she mess up?
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Hell's Kitchen photo 1 Amateur Chef Throws Away ALL... Hell's Kitchen photo 2 Amateur Chef Throws Away ALL... Hell's Kitchen photo 3 Amateur Chef Throws Away ALL... Hell's Kitchen photo 4 Amateur Chef Throws Away ALL...

Ramsey can’t keep his eyes off Josh for two seconds or five plates of spaghetti suddenly appear

by magyisadinosaur 3 months ago

"Where's the monkfish?"
*Josh appears from nowhere*: DID YOU SAY SPAGHETTI!?

by Junior 2 months ago

" I threw it away. It smelled fishy"
" That's because it's a fish, you donkey!"

by Vijay K 2 months ago

Gordon: Stop cooking spaghetti
Josh: sorry I already cooked 5.
Gordon: well throw them out they should be made to order.
Josh: you want me to throw out 13 spaghettis?

by I HAVE MUFFINS! 2 months ago

Bonnie: "I'm tired of chef Ramsay calling me incompetent" throws away all the monkfish without second thought

by Fish Stix 3 weeks ago

I love how the video is clearly about Josh's mission to make pasta behind Gordon's back instead of the whole monkfish debacle. The title is distracting us from noticing Josh cooking pasta in the background...

by Karl Schmarl 2 months ago

Josh: makes spaghetti
Gordon throws it away
Josh: there is another

by N.D.A Studios 1 month ago

Josh: cooks spaghetti
Gordon: throws it away
Josh: N O M A T T E R

by Jiff Skippy 2 months ago

Customer: "I'd like the spaghetti please"
Gordan: Brings 2 garbage bags full of spaghetti

by Tyler Garrity 2 months ago

Josh: pre-cooks spaghetti
Gordon: tells him not to pre-cook spaghetti
Josh: You know what I’m gonna do? Pre-cook some more spaghetti

by Matilda 2 months ago

These spaghetti comments are too much lol. I feel like a crazy person laughing out loud haha

by Domo 2 months ago

Josh: Makes spaghetti
Gordon: Throws it away
Josh: Somebodys touching mah spaghet

by Mondae YT 2 months ago

the most surprised reaction I’ve ever from gordon:

by Anthony Lampon 2 months ago

Bonnie: Cooks with the stove off
Also Bonnie: "I'm tired of being told I'm incompetent"

by Kaleb Bruwer 3 weeks ago

They should have paired Bonnie with Josh so she can throw away all of his spaghetti.

by Chesscom Support 5 months ago

Gordon: I want 1 Wellington
Josh: That’s a weird way to say 1 spaghetti

by Unknown-Host 707 2 months ago

customer: orders spaghetti

josh: whomstve has summoned the ALMIGHTY ONE

by belle delphine 2 months ago

josh mom dies
Josh at the funeral: "rest in spaghetti, never forgetti"

by Kenny Marconi 2 months ago

Gordon throws spaghetti away

Josh: Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

by InfernoR55 1 month ago

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