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The BEST Moments From Hell's Kitchen Season 15

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As we say goodbye to season 15, here are some of the best moments..
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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"I am the epitome of Jersey"

That's the saddest brag I have ever heard.

by One Eyed King 8 months ago

Why does the audience in the beginning sound like the wii bowling audience?

by BloxxingSloth 7 months ago

“Storebought dough... storebought Caesar salad dressing?!”

Me, eating Kraft mac and cheese for dinner: wow, that’s just unacceptable

by MisterTwister 5 months ago

“i know they may be vegetarian, but they deserve better than that”.

by caitlyn 6 months ago

Anytime Gordon says "Come here you..." 

Two health bars appear at the top of the screen

by Darth Plagues the Wise 6 months ago

says one word in French
Everyone on the blue team: "why is he suddenly speaking French omg"

by dull icecream 6 months ago

gordon: is the ice fresh??

chef: it's frozen

gordon: N O

by Cici 7 months ago

“Store bought... that’s disgusting”

me eating cold pizza from 2 days ago: ok

by Kwispy 8 months ago

“It’s a warm lobster salad”
“Where’s the lobster?”
“I tasted a p i e c e”
He ate the whole damn lobster.

by Smell Colours See Flavours 7 months ago

Me: “He ate it,” starts laughing
Him: “I tasted a piece,”

by Alyssa 8 months ago

I seriously hate the “Ooooo” sound from the audience. Idk. It just makes me freakin mad.

by CandyDa Maltese 2 months ago

Shes the sexiest Jersey has to offer huh? Well looks like I'm never going to Jersey.

by Kyle Hayes 3 months ago

the swear jars I’d get from Gordon would put both of my non existent kids through college

by Mary 6 months ago

Every Chef is gangster until Gordon Ramsay shows up.

by General Kenobi 7 months ago

The amount of food that gets wasted irritates me lol

by Ian Beale 6 months ago

John: Says one word in French

Gordan Ramsey liked that

John evolves into a French Chef

Everybody disliked that

by Lolz 3 months ago

Ramsey: *tells a story of when he learnt to cook and was only allowed to speak in french*
Jared: : *—————————————————— cook and ——————————— speak in french* oui chef!

by Sinning Punk 1 month ago

"I'm tough, I'm beautiful, I'm sexy"...

That is highly debatable...

by nuller87 7 months ago

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