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The BEST Moments of Series 13 on Hell's Kitchen

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A look back on some of the best moments from series 13.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Hell's Kitchen photo 1 The BEST Moments of Series... Hell's Kitchen photo 2 The BEST Moments of Series... Hell's Kitchen photo 3 The BEST Moments of Series... Hell's Kitchen photo 4 The BEST Moments of Series...

We need to protect sterling with our lives poeple

by premie ramlal 1 month ago

when Gordon told Sterling, “you’ll always be 100 to me.” ... i felt that.

by S. Jones 1 month ago

Me in front of the microwave at home: THREE MINUTES CHEF

by Ava C 1 month ago

Sterling:”I made it with love”

Gets a 3/5 while everyone else gets a one

by EmisterXD 1 month ago

Sterling: I'm strong and I have a strong personality
Frank: I was born at a very young age

by Average Sensei 1 month ago

Chef Sterling literally did win Ramsay’s heart

by Gibs-O-Matic 1 month ago

Grills Gordon a slab of watermelon.

wins hell's kitchen

by Glodon Romsegg 1 month ago

How does someone get eliminated and walk out like a winner? Loved that.

by Kelley Spartiatis 1 month ago

I love how Gordan totally has a special spot in his heart for Sterling. It goes to show, positivity, acceptance, and a relentless work ethic wipe get someone far, even if he didnt win. He won Gordans respect. The man asked if it was okay to give everyone a hug before he left. Shit brings tears to my eyes

by Pyche_513 1 month ago

Person explains their dish

Audience: Hmmmmmmmm

Gordon: Disgusting

Audience: Disgusting

by If a Puppy was a human 1 month ago

Gordon: "Frank, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?"

Frank: "It began with the forging of the Great Rings....."

by Chucho 1 month ago

Gordon: JP!!!
JP: Yes chef
Gordon: JR!!!

by Dani Plays 1 month ago

Sterling may not have won the competition, but he sure as Hell won the show. He needs a TV show of his own. Soul Food.

by Ember 1 month ago

Sterling is that human species that needs to multiply and spread his love, joy and positivity!

by Hugo Nieves 1 month ago

Gordon: “the fish is dry”

Audience: “DIE IN HELLL!!”
Audience 2: “DISGUSTING!!”

by Mo 1 month ago

"I got something nobody in Hell's Kitchen ever accomplish, I got Chef Ramsay's heart."

An ability that only owned by a few people in this earth.

by NicoNicoYEET 1 month ago

“i feel like i was doing orchestra. french toast, crepes...”.

that had me dying😂

by kitkat 1 month ago

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