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The FUNNIEST Moments From Season 2 | Hell's Kitchen

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As we say goodbye to season 2, here are some of the funniest moments.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Hell's Kitchen photo 1 The FUNNIEST Moments From Season... Hell's Kitchen photo 2 The FUNNIEST Moments From Season... Hell's Kitchen photo 3 The FUNNIEST Moments From Season... Hell's Kitchen photo 4 The FUNNIEST Moments From Season...

eating in hell’s kitchen is like being at your friend’s house while their parents are yelling at them

by gargantuan oaf 4 months ago

Who else is binge watching Hell’s kitchen while in bed.

by God 4 months ago

"What is your name?"

"Jean Phillipe."

"Jean Phillipe? Ok, I'm starving"

"Nice to meet you Starving"

by John F. Kennedy 3 months ago

His treatment seems extremely harsh... UNTIL you realize that everyone here applied with the expectation that they'd be held to Michelin standards. If I were running a brigade of Michelin chefs and they were screwing things up like this, I'd be murderous by the end of the night too

by Daniel G 2 months ago

remember when you were young you thought Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay were evil but now older you deep down understand them

by Hartaj Grewal 8 months ago

Gordon:(touches pan)
Fire: Imma head out

by Raj kaviish 3 months ago

"I had six children naturally..." And? Uh?

My mom had five naturally and her cooking is garbage. Guess she should have had one more?

by James Dooling 2 months ago

I never heard someone swear so much in one sentence.

by Yuval Vernik 3 months ago

mans literally mentally broke Gordon

by [Zion] Chiqo 3 months ago

Just the fact that Gordon hasn’t had a stroke, heart attack, or brain aneurysm yet is nothing short of a miracle

by David Dastoli 9 months ago

- literally what noise my chicken makes when it’s running around

by Kïtkåt 1 month ago

that "donkey" scream cracks me up.

by CieL 4 months ago

This season was full of so many memes.

by Garbagecan69 3 months ago

Will women stop getting angry when their boyfriend or husband gets served first

by flo 3 weeks ago

Me, eating literally just cheese in bed by myself:lmao imagine overcooking the Beef Wellington lmao what a donkey

by CloudyGwen 3 months ago

The complete and utter confusion in Gordon’s voice at is fantastic

by TheRandomGamer 238 3 months ago

Gordon: "StOP WhISTLING!!"
"Yes Chef" proceeds to hum

by GalaxyCake 7 months ago

These clips are far more addictive than drugs. You'll think watching a few won't take much time but then hours would've passed

by DarkStorm 97 2 months ago

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