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The WORST Signature Dishes In Hell's Kitchen | Part One

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The worst dishes we've seen on Hell's Kitchen. So Far.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Hell's Kitchen photo 1 The WORST Signature Dishes In... Hell's Kitchen photo 2 The WORST Signature Dishes In... Hell's Kitchen photo 3 The WORST Signature Dishes In... Hell's Kitchen photo 4 The WORST Signature Dishes In...

I’m sorry but adding an audience to this show was the worst possible decision that they ever made.

by Karoline Steil 1 month ago

Lady: “I teach manners too chef”

Gordon: so you’ve chosen death

by Jimmy Medrano 3 weeks ago

-“my name is colleen”

by Chris Juliette 1 week ago

“Hen in a pumpkin”... Pumpkhen. He could have called it Pumpkhen.

by Kai Lyons 2 weeks ago

Chef:”this is my signature dish”
Audience:”OoHoHoHoHo YuMmY”
Audience:”EeWeWeWeW tHaTs GrOsS”

by Mustafa Qhadamzadah 2 weeks ago

“Egg, caviar, and white chocolate.”

minutes later

“I doNt UnDeRstaNd whY he didnT LiKe It”

by Robbie 3 weeks ago

Gordon ramsay: “what did you just say”


Not a single soul:

Shitty Live audience: 😧😦😯😟😮😯

by Brandon 2 weeks ago

Chef: "There's some butter in there." Ramsey, with butter/oil dripping off of his hands: "Some?"

by Roo Brown 3 weeks ago

"do you smoke?"


"N o . "

by Goblin mask 2 weeks ago

Colleen: "I also teach manners, chef."

Gotta respect the braveness

by Mr SeQ 1 week ago

The fact that people decided to use canned food in this show despite having access to fresh ingredients is crazy

by Sebastian Weiner 1 month ago

God, that woman who says she charges $300 to teach cooking then immediately having her dish spat out is so satisfying.

by CurtisAlfeld 5 days ago

Why are they cringing at bottled marinara. Like they don’t have Prego at home

by Chloe S 2 weeks ago

"I teach manners too, chef"
Sweet mother of macaroni, girl you said the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time!

by Silver Butterfly 1 week ago

Colleen: "I teach manners too chef..."
Ramsay: "say it again ?" o.O

Boss music intensifies

by Throden Day 2 weeks ago

"I teach manners too chef"

-says the lady who scams 300$ off people while being a totally crappy and unprofessional chef

by Raven_exe 4 weeks ago

The chefs with the worst dishes are the most confident Gordon will like their dish

by Youtube User 1 week ago

“If you’re not from Italy you ain’t making marinara sauce by scratch.”
My grandma from Peru and she make Marinara from scratch so what her point?

by Patricia Lengua 2 weeks ago

I really hated when they moved the signature dishes to a live audience. They just ruined the entire show for me. No matted. Always happy to go back to the first 7 seasons over and over again :)

by Michael Cortez 6 days ago

i NEED to watch the season with the lady that “teaches manners”

by Mia Hurfman 6 days ago

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