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The WORST Signature Dishes Part Two | Hell's Kitchen

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Part two of the worst signature dishes on Hell's Kitchen. So Far.
Watch part one here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8On7...
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Hell's Kitchen photo 1 The WORST Signature Dishes Part... Hell's Kitchen photo 2 The WORST Signature Dishes Part... Hell's Kitchen photo 3 The WORST Signature Dishes Part... Hell's Kitchen photo 4 The WORST Signature Dishes Part...

God, I hate those crowds. They should just stick to the OG way.

by Daniel Ornelas 9 hours ago

Every other chef ever: Competes for a top notch state of the art fine dining restaurant as head chef*
Andrew: wAŁK Įñ çÖōŁËRŠ

by Gibs-O-Matic 10 hours ago

Ok I am 100% that the steak tartare guy is defo a serial killer. Like all he wanted was a walking freezer to kill animals?? More like to kill people

by Nias 10 hours ago

Is it just me or does Chris looks like Randell's helper from Monster's Inc.

by Chives Para 9 hours ago

"Plate of liquid shit"
"toe nail of a dinosaur"
lmao always a savage

by Arun KT 10 hours ago

“First time in my entire life I’ve been served a cooked ceased salad”
Oh just wait for kitchen nightmares

by Ondrea Fegan 9 hours ago

Big egos: "My food is awesome."

Ramsay spits it out

Big egos: He's wrong

Me: losing my mind He spat it out! You're stupid

by Jeremy Barker 9 hours ago

Gaurav is like that one guy who learned cooking off YouTube alone, and is now a Michelin starred chef.

by Aryan Kuckian 9 hours ago

Gordon: "They are toe nails"
Chef: "Well it still has flavour"

by M icrophone 7 hours ago

The dude who says he like to butcher his own animals and eat em raw is a trip. Lol Then to top it off he says he wants two walk in freezers lmao

by Aaron Moore 9 hours ago

The public be like: "OoOOh"
And 5 seconds later: "EeEeew"

by Xavier Drouin 9 hours ago

That Andrew guy walked out of service, and even Jean-Philippe tried to stop him and say “Many people would like to be in your shoes” and he took them off and left them in Hells Kitchen. They were right to make him look like a Psycho

by SauronOfMordor 10 hours ago

Girl: *serves salad*
Gordon: ''What's cooked in there?''
Girl: ''Umm...the nuts are toasted''

Me:She fcked up

by Yo! Nice Paprika 9 hours ago

"you need to clean your glasses. It's raw" 🔥🔥🔥 it's now cooked just beautifully after Gordon came in with that heat

by Mike Haywood 10 hours ago

"Everybody loves it"
Everybody: gagging noises

by angry cat 10 hours ago

“Everytime I make a Gumbo, everyone will eat it”
And go straight to hospital

by Muhammad Barokah 10 hours ago

I swear whoever's editing these and the episodes, whatever they r getting paid, pay them more.

by Michael Adekanye 10 hours ago

polly: i hAd SiX sOnS, aLL nAtUrALLy

by Myshk TV 9 hours ago

Ah yes Andrew...our antagonist from the hells kitchen novel "Silence of the lamb sauce"

by Alastor 8 hours ago

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