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Eminem | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

Will the real #MarshallMathers please sit down for a rare and revealing conversation on the set of his new music video #Godzilla ? Yes he will. Donโ€™t miss #MikeTyson and #DrDre cameo in the new #Eminem video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_0Jj...
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Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson photo 1 Eminem | Hotboxin' with Mike... Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson photo 2 Eminem | Hotboxin' with Mike... Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson photo 3 Eminem | Hotboxin' with Mike... Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson photo 4 Eminem | Hotboxin' with Mike...

It's like Eminem doesn't even realize he's Eminem

by Evan Forensics 1 month ago

See Eminem get emotional talking about when he got that call is humbling. He is a real genuine dude and will forever have his respect.

by Jeremy Kistler 3 days ago

Didn't even kno this was black and white till about 10 minutes in lmao.

by SwEeZy 3 days ago

Mike is so... on-point when he compares himself to Foreman - saying 'Foreman will hit you in your arm / shoulder' etc. but his punches were so accurate... it's a point almost nobody ever makes about Mike - his accuracy; he's wrongly portrayed as like a 'maniac' but he's only portrayed that way due to how he destroyed people - and he did so - due to his accuracy... any Tyson fan knows... his accuracy was laser-precise.

by Nick 2 days ago

This just makes me wish Eminem had a Podcast.

by Rob 3 weeks ago

To everybody saying โ€Mike said 7 Mile, lolโ€, youโ€™re the incorrect ones. Em is from 7 Mile, 8 Mile is the road that separates the white part of Detroit from the black part. So before bashing the champ, get your facts straight.

by Devris Misto 1 month ago

No one can tell me that Mike Tyson doesnโ€™t look stoned ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

by Aaron Glenn 2 days ago

Mike Tyson the only person to talk over Eminem while he's in the middle of a sentence......

by West Texas Kodiak 4 weeks ago

You can tell Eminem don't wanna talk about himself. He doesn't like the fact that people are star struck about him. He's just a regular dude like everybody else.

by GarbageDanks 3 weeks ago

Eminem knocks people out in rap like Mike Tyson does in boxing

by NNelsoNN 2 days ago

Mike Tyson is the only person in an interview that can ask Eminem about his daughter and actually get an answer. Cause Em won't answer that question for nobody else.

by Tony Amati 1 month ago

Mike and Dre are two of the extremely few people Eminem looks at wide-eyed with awe.

by Kaira 3 days ago

Marshall forcing himself to keep cool lol never seen him like that

by Marcos Kappa 1 day ago

lmao Eminem man.. he's Eminem but you can still see the awkward nerdy child in him

by James 3 weeks ago

"Humans are not designed to fight, but we do it cos its part of our DNA." - Mike Tyson

by Real Alpha King 2 weeks ago

eminem always looks like heโ€™s trying his hardest not to rhyme his sentence

by Nathaniel Bello 1 month ago

Wait i just came back here and realised this is black and white wtf.

by Alex Balog 1 day ago

For Eminem, at this point in his life to say he's speechless, is sincerely pure respect for Iron Mike. And, how truly loved and respected he is as a fighter, and a human.

by Jack 3 weeks ago

Eminem: Your like a god to me

Mike Tyson: Your not exactly chop liver yourself


by Kermit The Frog 1 week ago

Eminem trying not to throw up because mikes his legend this was one of his dreams'

by Warbotcriminal 3 days ago

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