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Going On A Date With My Girlfriend In Animal Crossing New Horizons

jacksepticeye photo 1 Going On A Date With... jacksepticeye photo 2 Going On A Date With... jacksepticeye photo 3 Going On A Date With... jacksepticeye photo 4 Going On A Date With...

I can’t believe how far Sean has come. He is amazing to his fans it’s like we’re all friends

by Rm Dust 2 days ago

Normal people: “may-gen”
Jack: “MAY-JEN”

by plua 1 day ago

Jack in the happy wheels series: "DIE BILLY!!!"

Jack in animal crossing: Running to Shari with an ax "Just taking a strool"

I have come to the conclusion Jack going to end up becoming a serial killer lmaooo

by вlαкεү вεαя 1 day ago

Jack: "This is not Hel"
My brother: What is he playing?
Me: Animal Crossing
My Brother: Huh?

by Madison Bell 2 days ago

Felix and marzia: Swedish Italian

Jack and Evelyn: Irish and dutch

Both perfect matches

by KIRBY J 1 day ago

Jack: sneezes
Me: Bless you
My Mom: Who are you talking to?!?

by Jenna Woodward 1 day ago

I can't decide if Jack's island really is a horrifying terrible hellscape with murderous animals, or if TossBoy is just a paranoid schizophrenic and is imagining all these terrible things when in reality Nook and Shari are just worried about him

by Lauren Redding 1 day ago

Jack: It's called music.
Me: It's called flat lining

by Scott Robertson 1 day ago

Jack: the only person I've seen who's successfully made animal crossing seem like a horror game.

Edit: I see some of you commenting on this with examples of other people who have done this, but I don't actively look for these so i've never heard of them before. (Kinda why I wrote this comment the way that I did.)

by Shadow The Wolfy Wolf 2 days ago

Toss boy got sent to Hel for arson. You can see that in his ”eyes”

by J T 1 day ago

Jack: Close your eyes

Me when the vid finishes: But wait, you never said open your eyes, now I’ll never be able to open them again

by A random B.P.S Fan 1 day ago

That little laugh that Jack lets out when he is changing Toss’s hair style is so freaking awesome! I was laughing so hard!

by Victoria Cox 1 day ago

Jack and Evelyn’s chemistry and relationship is so adorable. They’re both really happy and they love each other. Idk what else to say besides that.

by Prime_Studios 1 day ago

Sean: close your eyes
Me: closes my eyes
Me: hearing a constant like beeping noise
Me: I- Am I dead will I go to hel now?

by Χαρα Μουρικη 2 days ago


by SlytherinRose 1 day ago

WHY DID “turn off your grandmothers life support” CRACK ME UPPP

by togepi the II 1 day ago

Sean: "who designed your face"

by HACHI - ROKU 1 day ago

jack: "did tom nook kick me out? did satan kick me out?"

they're.. they're the same person..

by Rex Dex 1 day ago

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