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Click and Drag - Instant Influencer

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This week on Instant Influencer, the artists are challenged to create their ultimate drag transformation. 💄 Winner of RuPauls Drag Race Trixie Mattel joins us, and is not afraid to drag a bad look. Who has what it takes to become a beauty superstar?
🎨 If you recreate a look from the show, make sure to tag us and use #InstantInfluencer!
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Kailin Chase » https://www.youtube.com/kailinchase
Christian Perez » https://www.youtube.com/indigotohell
Britany Renteria » https://www.youtube.com/britanyraquell
Gabriel Garcia » https://www.youtube.com/DreamsGabriel
Ashley Strong » https://www.youtube.com/strashme
Benny Cera » https://www.youtube.com/bennycerra

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I really love ashley like im really rooting for her and even if she doesn't win, shes gonna have a HUGE fanbase. Shes so talented and her personality is so chill and cool and i love it

by Mari Baker 2 days ago

“Ashley’s look was too monochromatic” cut to the two other people who’s looks are pink based

by Eain Kuschel 1 day ago

No but like can we talk about how naturally pretty the girls are cause like seriously-

by Scattered Butterflies 1 day ago

James: Ashley I think this look is SUPER successful
Ashley: Thx

by Karamia Nedley 1 day ago

Sorry about my comment. I realized that she got to light of a shade because she wanted a light look but went too bright. That was ignorant of me.

by I’m Probably Eating 1 day ago

Dude ashley does not let the others BREATHE lmao. She's always SO GOOD. Like how

by mel i 1 week ago

Or we all not gonna talk about Ashley’s look that she pulled together in the shortest time???

by Caragh Oboyle 1 day ago

Ashley could win a million dollars and still look dead inside.

by Sofiya Thawerbhoy 1 day ago

I love Ashley's personality. She seems so professional but at the same time she has a very unique personality

by pumpkin pie 1 day ago

THIS CLOSE UPS ARE NOT FOR MEEEE, i could neverrrrrr my skin would be like: noooo thank yew

by Oda Ritsu 1 day ago

this series has really inspired me to push myself in my makeup youtube videos!The number of people who want Ashley to win

by Latchie 6 days ago

james pressed that elevator button as fast as indigo’s heart was beating

by Cha!ns 1 day ago

I just feel like their skin is gonna hate them at the end of each episode

by It’s rowan 1 day ago

Okay there is NO way that James can wake up with a full face of makeup

by Nora Fletcher 1 day ago

If you have been rooting for Ashley since day one

by Cheyenne Jordan 1 day ago

I feel like the blue drag queen (I don’t know her name) was the only one that looked full drag. Just my opinion though.

by Jordon K 1 day ago

I love Gabe’s personality but his makeup just isn’t my favorite:/

by Elisabeth Weimar 1 day ago

I love that this is free it’s nice that he understands not all his fans cant afford to pay

by teddy bear 1 day ago

Does anyone else think that when Kailin has her drag on, she looks like Nikki Tutorials

by Gãçhä Hęãvėń 1 day ago

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