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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm joined with my best friends, the Dolan Twins and Emma Chamberlain, and I decided to teach them how to do makeup... without actually seeing them! Enjoy this makeup challenge and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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James Charles photo 1 TEACHING THE DOLAN TWINS &... James Charles photo 2 TEACHING THE DOLAN TWINS &... James Charles photo 3 TEACHING THE DOLAN TWINS &... James Charles photo 4 TEACHING THE DOLAN TWINS &...

No one gonna talk about how Grayson used literally the biggest brush on the table to try to put eyeshadow on his crease 😂💀

by Lauryn Wilson 1 month ago

no one is talking about how pretty emmas eyes are

by cmay 123* 3 weeks ago

Who is watching this while being trapped in the house because of COVID-19


by Noor Telmesani 1 month ago

okay wait emmas was literally the best why did she get a 6

by Abby Halls 1 month ago

James: CEO of makeup
Emma: CEO of sIsTeR sPaRkLe
Grayson: CEO of using the biggest brush for eyeshadow
Ethan: CEO of eating the powder

by Ryleigh Johnson 3 weeks ago

I don’t think I’ve ever missed a friend group on YouTube like I have theirs

by Ayla Crowl 2 weeks ago

Who is watching this quarantined inside cause of CORONAVIRUS!!!

by Gianna Delaby 3 weeks ago

Ethan acting like he’s on his Period by screaming all the time 😂😂

by Melissa Lara 3 weeks ago

Wtf Grayson does his makeup better than me...

by astoria flores 9 months ago

Bro why did Emma get the lowest score I thought she did the best

by Sienna butt 4 weeks ago

Emma is such a sweetheart and she was trying so hard :(

by vqnq. xyz 2 weeks ago

I feel like Emma should have got the 9, grayson should've got the 7 in a half, and Ethan should've got the 6 👌

by school sucks 3 weeks ago

Why is no one talking about how aggressive the guys are w James..

by vqnq. xyz 2 weeks ago

grayson: extremely focused and trying
emma: averagely focused and laughing at herself
ethan: rages and eats the makeup

by allie m rice 3 months ago

Greyson:calm and kinda good
Ethan: yelling at James
Emma: joking with James
James: love you Greyson

by Cydney the musical 2 weeks ago

Emma’s was actually the best James just has a crush on Grayson..

by Kailee Jones 1 week ago

no one:
literally no one:
WHaT tExtURE iS The WaLL?

by ASMRLY 7 3 weeks ago

“No on my actually eyeball”
James gives confused look “WHAT?”
I’m dead😂😂

by Taylor Koenig 3 weeks ago

James Emma and Ethan: Fighting about the divider
Grayson: wHaT tExTuRe Is ThE dIvIdEr?!?!

by Sara Grabovac 2 weeks ago

“What texture is the wall?”

What type of question is that 😂😂😂

by Shaela Safwan 2 weeks ago

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