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JayDaYoungan “Perky Activated” (Official Music Video)

#baby23 #ruffwayy #forever23 #new orleans #Music
#JayDaYoungan #PerkyActivated #Baby23
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Baby 23 Album COMING SOON.
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Track produced by SephGotTheWaves and Nashi
Video directed by Catch Rec

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JayDaYoungan • photo 1 JayDaYoungan “Perky Activated” (Official Music... JayDaYoungan • photo 2 JayDaYoungan “Perky Activated” (Official Music... JayDaYoungan • photo 3 JayDaYoungan “Perky Activated” (Official Music... JayDaYoungan • photo 4 JayDaYoungan “Perky Activated” (Official Music...

If you hear before a million make this blue


by Romeko Vironet 1 week ago

Last person to like this will most likely become rich this year!!!

by Филди! 3 days ago

Only JayDaYoungan fans before 23 islands can like

by Bogus 6 days ago

Jaydayoungan is so underrated it's ridiculous 💯

by Eli NHO 1 week ago

Real JayDaYoungan Fans Only 👏🏽🔥💯

by RichTheKev 1 week ago

Most slept on 🤦🏻‍♂😴 he needa blow up and get his recognition already

by lil ugly rose 6 days ago

How many waiting on ‘ iron slang ‘

by Qway Yur 5 days ago

“GLOCK Came without da beam I ain’t see da purpose”🥱🔥🔥

by TaeWRLD 2k 1 week ago

This song harder than finding toilet paper in Walmart. But fr tho Jaydayoungan underrated asf

by ADG 4 days ago

This is how many people waiting for the album

by Nadir Watkins 1 week ago

So while y’all scroll through the comments I just wanted to let u know how was ur day mine was good right now I’m taking a massive Shii

by Juicy Potato 1 week ago

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by Justified By Faith Alone 4 days ago

He smacked the 💩out dude with that pillow

by Keith TV 1 week ago

Barber: Whatchu want?
Jaydayoungan: 🦄
Barber: Sayless...

by XiNk ツ 5 days ago


by AmarieTv 1 week ago

When this album come out nobody call me🤞🏽🔥🔥

by Baby Fazzo 1 week ago

Only problem with this song is it's too short

by Alex Holden 1 week ago

I heard alot of songs by bro and this sound different. Like his voice got more auto toon or some

by Anthony Williams 6 days ago

“You could see me in my face I been betrayed... they misused me” I felt dat

by ATL News™️ 5 days ago

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