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I love you, Corey La Barrie.

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Corey will live forever through those who cherish him.
Thank you for everything you've done for me man.

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“I don’t want my friend forgotten” I can promise right now that that man will NEVER be forgotten. He touched so many peoples hearts, whether he knew it or not. It doesn’t matter if he had met them in person or not. He was so important to so many people and he forever will be. He is still with everyone, every single day, every step you take. We will not forget about him. Forever Appreciated. ❤️

by Sydney Reed 6 hours ago


I've gotten so invested with this friend group over the years that it honestly feels like I've lost a best friend too. I constantly find myself just randomly thinking about Corey, then I get a big knot in my throat and try to fight back the tears because I know Corey wouldn't want us to mourn but rather celebrate his life.

For me the fact that Jc was trying to comfort us by telling us that it's okay to feel like this, while fighting back tears himself, is very admirable. Let's just remember it's going to be a long time before things will ever start to feel somewhat okay again and they are going to continue needing our constant love and support.

by Miss Michellie 6 hours ago

“We should all live a little like Corey”
Rest In Peace, Forever Appreciated.

by hannahreissa 3 hours ago

I can’t believe how sad it is that Crawford, JC, Chelsea & Corey all just got settled in to their new house after going through a move during a pandemic. And not only is the world seemingly falling apart right now, and everyone has to stay home...so they all have to be in that house without Corey‘s presence or energy and they have to grieve their friend under these circumstances is beyond horrible. His death on its own is enough to break anyone down, but I just feel so deeply for the three of them living in that house for the rest of quarantine without him there with them

by Taylor Paul 6 hours ago

You can hear the hurt in his voice. It breaks me, and probably all of us. Corey will live with us. Corey was never under appreciated. We miss him dearly.

by Keeleigh Smith 6 hours ago

This is so surreal like i genuinely don’t want this to be true at all.

by Crystal Pineda 3 hours ago

I can't even say or hear "Corey" without tearing up

by Grace Gurumis 6 hours ago

It’s insane how you can grow such a strong attachment to someone despite it being through a screen. Corey had such a pure, kind & raw soul that was constantly shown in videos. I cry as if I knew him. I feel selfish for that when his close ones are the ones deeply grieving. My deepest condolences to Corey’s friends & family. Rest In Peace Corey La Barrie xoxo ps Corey, I hope I meet you one day haha

by Briana Lizardo 5 hours ago

Imagine how Corey’s mom is feeling right now, she lost her son on Mother’s Day and on his birthday.

by R A I D E N 1 hour ago

“Your brand was underappreciated but you will forever be appreciated”. 💙🕊🙏🏻

by Jc Duva 2 hours ago

“He said, one day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember” -Avicii

by Aniqa Aziz 2 hours ago

"I know he knew he was my number one"

when JC cried I legit cried too.

Stay strong 💙

by Heofshane Mendes 6 hours ago

Gods plan is perfect, life is unfair, but he has a plan for everyone and he just wanted Corey home a little early. 😔 keep your head held strong jc ❤️

by Hollie 5 hours ago

I’ve cried every day since, I can’t imagine what you all are going through. My heart is with all of you!

by Selena Vath 6 hours ago

Well said. I feel like everyone feels so emotional about this because of how vulnerable Corey was on camera; he really did not care what other people thought of him. He was here to have a great time and make other people smile and laugh. I really looked forward to every week of his and Crawford's channel becoming more consistent and watching their funny videos during this weird time on my lunch break, while I work from home. Take care of Crawford and yourselves. Rest easy Corey.

by gracefullyunaware 2 hours ago

the fact that coreys friend tried to leave the accident is bullshit. some friend he is.

by Abbie Olvera 5 hours ago

Seeing JC at his most vulnerable really gave me a different outlook on him and made all this seem more real, I’m used to JC being goofy and playing around and I’m glad he was strong enough to spread positivity through his words & hope he knows it’s okay to cry and be sad 💗 hope you feel better soon, Coreys resting safely, Rip Corey, heaven gained another angel 💗

by S 16 5 hours ago

I couldn’t sleep. I found out before dinner and I lost my appetite. I didn’t want to believe it. He didn’t deserve it. No one does. R.I.P. Corey we all love you so much. Praying every night that he is happy up there.His name and life will live in infamy.

by Ivonne Cuesta 5 hours ago

I feel so bad for daniel cv 🥺 he saw his bestfriend fade away like damn

by Xaiana 6 hours ago

Corey La Barrie deserves all the happiness that life can offer. Rest in peace.

by Christella Reyes 3 hours ago

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