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Hershey’s Chocolate Makeup... Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

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Hi new makeup review, how are ya?? Today I'm reviewing the Hershey's chocolate makeup by the Korean beauty brand Etude House. 🍫 Does the makeup smell like the iconic candy?? Is it Jeffree Star Approved™?? Watch and find out the truth.
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SWEATER BY: Gucci x Disney collab
WHAT LIP ARE YOU WEARING?: Jeffree Star Cosmetics 'Mannequin" Velour Liquid Lip
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jeffreestar photo 1 Hershey’s Chocolate Makeup... Is It... jeffreestar photo 2 Hershey’s Chocolate Makeup... Is It... jeffreestar photo 3 Hershey’s Chocolate Makeup... Is It... jeffreestar photo 4 Hershey’s Chocolate Makeup... Is It...

I love how Jeffree calls the audience “baby” and “honey” and “sweetie” personally it makes me feel comforted and like he’s a friend. He’s also so funny and no matter how I’m feeling he makes me happy. I love him so much

by Yes Indeed 2 months ago

I don’t wear makeup
but somehow I just always end up watching jeffree’s videos

by Maya F 1 month ago

Jeffree: January was the worst month!!

March: laughs in corona


April: Giggles in corona

by The Blank -Gamer- 1 month ago

Jeffree: February is the official start of 2020

Me in self quarantine: Honey.. you’ve got a big storm coming snaps

by Trinity 3 weeks ago

Who else wants jeffree’s sweater but knows it’s most probably more expensive than your college funds.

by Evelin 2 months ago

2019: Cheeto palette

2020:Hershey’s palette

2021: Gummy bear palette

Edit: tysm for some cool ideas

by Itzzz Ramyri 3 weeks ago

Jefree:smells lipstick

No one:

Jefree: omg it taste better than the other one

by Jaleena Romero 1 month ago

Reaction to Hershey lip odor
It's like when you open up someone's nudes and you're like "I'm busy tonight, suddenly."
I gotta do a taste test. wheeze laugh
There's no chocolate smell, what the HELL Hershey?!!
mmmm okay, I'm bored.
Oh, hi, looks like a cheap wig.
...a little invisible...maybe Wonder Woman collabed with this.
I don't hate minimal, I'm just like a lil shookie cookie cookie tookie!
So Dry!
best squawk laugh self deprecating @ botched lidding
Drier than most. 2020 Vibe.

by R Myers Johns 2 months ago

I love how personally offended Jeffree is that the eye palettes don't smell like chocolate lmao

by moviesgalore3 2 months ago

jeffree: "here smell this"
me: *breathes in to smell it
me: -instant disappointment :joy:

by dalor walsh 1 week ago

I really like that everyones helping the deaf community with all these quotes

by FuriousMar 2 months ago

"Oh My god Taste Better than the Other OnE"
"I gotta do a Taste test."
Sombody give jefferee food please:sob:

by Yoni Yons 2 months ago

I agree with him WhY THE HELL did they did NOT put like CHOCOLATE

by lexi araujo 1 week ago

Jeffree: January almost took the life out of me
We all felt that :sob:

by Angie Gonzalez 2 months ago

Jeffree: "now that shade is a little invisible.."
"Maybe wonder woman collabed with this, I'm not suuuure.*

LMFAO, love

by Rad Rogan 1 month ago

Drinking game: take a shot everytime he says 'taste' instead of 'smell'

by popemse 2 months ago

Crayola: pretty much stole another brands idea

Cheetos: did so shady shit

Hershey’s:makes u hungry af

by Ava Tackett 2 weeks ago

whoever doesn’t like jeffree stars laugh is lying

by sotuur aeei 2 months ago

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