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PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED!!! www.DrJeffPublicSafety.com

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www.DrJeffPublicSafety.com for more COVID-19 Safety Videos by Dr. Jeff!!!!
This is the most current video for New CDC data, safe takeout food practices, and an updated practice for safe grocery shopping/handling.

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by jvwmd 2 days ago

how could anyone be rude in comments when someone is trying to help

by wsd Drama 2 days ago

I really like how he said “be nice in your comments”.

by Regina’s Vlogs 2 hours ago

The fact that this hero has to tell everyone to be nice in the comments is a real tragedy.

by Heather Gardner 3 hours ago

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been so inspired to go harder in my garden this year. The less I have to rely on supermarkets in a world like this, the better. 🤧

by Cara S. 2 hours ago

Jeffery, thank you so much! The "GLITTER" example is such a creative way to explain. Stay safe Stay healthy.
With more guys like you in the world we will win.

by Jim Williams 5 hours ago

Only thing I would have added was to wash your hands after de-bagging and trashing the take out containers. Well done.

by Derek Ryder 2 days ago

Outstanding video---thank you for posting it. My only addition: don't talk while you are disinfecting food. Or wear a mask/ scarf. Unwittingly, we spit when we talk!

by Honahlee Vet 4 hours ago

When my daughter was going through chemo, I had a sink of soap and hot water that I washed every item from the market with.
Good video. :)

by Ramona Menchaca 2 hours ago

*goes to store for wipes or disenfectent

"Anndd I'm screwed"

by Joseph Dynan 5 hours ago

Ordered groceries online from Walmart, drove up when notified they were ready. They loaded them into trunk. Drove home. Will try these tips. Thank you.

by P H 5 hours ago

"Please be nice in the comments"

You're a hero, all of you medical professionals are saving the world. Your beard is fantastic, your eyes like plated Mars.

by Aidan Yardy 2 days ago

I appreciate everything he is doing and I've learned a lot. However, I think he should be wearing gloves so he isn't exposing his hands to any germs , washing frequently AND using a different paper towel for each piece of food.

by Marlo Gawlak 2 hours ago

Damn! I don’t even wanna go shopping now! I had to go everyday to to find things since everyone is hoarding! Thanks for the info

by Eduardo .Salvador 3 hours ago

My sincere thank you, Dr.VanWingen for taking the time to post this excellent video. Very informative. Thank you again and may you and your family remain safe!

by Barry St. Germaine 6 hours ago

You"ve touched the outer box, which could be virus infected, then pulled the inner packing with the same hand and dropped it on the safe zone....this gets totally complicated.

by Prakash NJ 2 hours ago

I have been leaving my purse at home when I go to a store - I just bring my debit or credit card in my pocket (and wash it with soap and water when I get home).

by The Bears Of Banff 2 days ago

Run cloth bags through the clothes dryer at high heat for several minutes!

by Kiana DS 4 hours ago

Thank you Jeffrey for this much-needed video! I just want to point out that the CDC news about cruise ships has been updated. Actually, they found SARS-CoV-2 RNA after 17 days, not the active virus. Hope everybody could stay healthy!

by Xinyue Huang 5 hours ago

Thank you for taking the time to put this together. You must be exhausted from being on the front lines. Your video was hugely helpful!

by Joe Killian 6 hours ago

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